Help! My vegetable garden is overrun with GRASS! I’ve dug up a ton, but it keeps coming back. Any advice?

jen t asks: Help! My vegetable garden is overrun with GRASS! I’ve dug up a ton, but it keeps coming back. Any advice?

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Answer by S L
put black plastic over those areas once pulled up

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  1. If your grass is of an annual type and it is growing from seeds on the surface then fine throw down some mulch or black plastic. However if the grass is of a type called ‘couch’ in the UK then it is spreading by underground runners which can go down as deep as three feet and be very difficult to remove. Putting mulch or black plastic will do no good at all.
    The only decent remedy is to use a glyphosate based weedkiller which is absorbed by the leaves and will kill the roots as well. Unfortunately glyphosate kills all plants so you might have to time your spraying to avoid other plants. Once inside the grass it will not affect other plants and glyphosate is denatured and neutralised by the soil once it has killed the grass.

  2. Try mulch with weed-killing stuffs in it. We use it for our front yard. They are not too expensive. The plus for using mulch is that it helps reduce evaporation rate and saves you water.
    If you plan to plant veggies again next spring, try this tip for prevention: tilt the soil before planting. Tilting means to dig up and turn the soil so the soil can be exposed to sun light. Doing this can kill some seeds of the weed. Meanwhile, you will come across a lot of weed roots. And , it’s easier to pick them up than to weed it after it grows and crawls all over your garden!

  3. Try mulching with newspaper then either grass clippings or regular mulch.

    The newspaper should be the “regular” newspaper not the shiny stuff like some of the ads. Lay down a good pad (7-8 sheets) of newspaper between the rows and around the plants. Dampen down with the hose; soaking it pretty well. Then place some type of mulch on top of it. And water well again to bind the mulch and the newspaper together.

    The newspaper will still allow the soil to breathe, absorb water but will not allow the weeds to get the light they need to germinate. Newspaper will even kill existing grass seedlings. It will last a couple of years and when it rots down actually puts organic matter back into your soil which is a great thing! Besides you’re recycling!

  4. after weeding put down layers of newspaper and then cover it with sugar cane mulch or straw, also dont put and grass clippings on garden or in compost mulch as they contain grass seeds

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