Herb Garden Uses

Herb Garden Uses

Why is having a herb garden so popular? Well herbs are some of the plants that you can get the most out of in your garden. These plants grow extremely well and provide so many different purposes. Two of the most popular uses of herb gardens are to produce spices and medicines.

The most popular purpose of herb garden is for their use in the kitchen. Culinary herbs are such vital parts of so many dishes. Without herbs many of the foods we eat wouldn’t exist! Take pesto chicken for example, or Italian sausages. And by having a herb garden, you can have some of the freshest herbs you can get. If you’re cooking a meal and need some fresh basil, how convenient would it be to have it growing in a container on the other side of the kitchen?

Another purpose of a herb garden is for medicinal purposes. Medicinal herbs have actually been used for thousands and thousands of years.

In fact, herbs were the original medicine. Instead of taking a pill or getting a shot, ancient doctors would grind up herbs to be ingested or to be used as an ointment. In fact, paleontologists have even discovered herbs buried with the bones of a man from the Stone Age. Most notably marshmallow root, hyacinth, and yarrow were buried with him. Today marshmallow root is used to soothe inflammations, like a sore throat. Hyacinth is used as a diuretic encourages tissues to release any excess water they may be retaining. And yarrow is a cold and fever remedy, the ingredients of which have been broken down and duplicated in aspirin.

A few other reasons growing herbs is so popular is their use as fragrances and decorations. Some herbs are notorious for their amazing smells and people have taken advantage of this by using herbs to not only create potpourri, but make scented oils and fragrances.

Similarly, particularly beautiful herbs are used decoratively to enhance gardens and homes.

As you can see, having a herb garden has its many uses. It can be used to grow herbs for culinary, medicinal, and other purposes. But even if your only interest is in culinary herbs, they are more than worth it as they are easy to grow plants with the potential to add a little bit of spice into your life.

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