High Density Gardening Review

High Density Gardening Review

There are many reasons a person might choose to start a garden. A desire to eat healthier, connect with nature and even save some money are among the most common.

At the same time people make a lot of excuses about why they havn’t started a small garden. The most common include; a lack of time, not knowing where or how to start, and believing they don’t have enough space.

My thoughts today go towards the space issue, but all of these challenges can be easily overcome. Time can be made, the library and internet are excellent places to start learning and you could even talk to a friend who is already gardening. Also, contrary to popular belief, you don’t need a huge space to start a garden. A garden can be created in a space as small as a pot on your front steps full of herbs or in that tiny ten foot by three foot corner of your back yard where weeds currently dominate, but the sun shines constantly.

I don’t deny that all gardens, large or small, require space and that if you live on a 1/8th acre plot in the city, you don’t have much.

However, even that 1/8th acre lot can produce surprising amounts of food on a small patio, porch or even a couple of steps. If you are ambitious you can even build up, creating raised beds, hanging pots, and layered space. The key is to use what small spaces you have to the best of your ability. Most vegetables do well in containers and container growing is a good way to start producing some of your food. There are also techniques that can increase the number of vegetables you grow in a small space garden, and an e-book called High Density Gardening talks about exactly what you need to create such a small space garden.

The author, Ric Wiley, has been gardening in the United Kingdom for years and has put together a collection of all of his life earned gardening experiences.

He details the construction of a small high density bed, (think 30 square feet), soil amendment, watering techniques for your small garden, and even crop selection. His crop and planting guides are actually some of the best, and most informative I have seen. He also discuses at least a little bit a process called square foot gardening which has been around for years, and is ideal for any small space garden.

As a Horticulturist and a budding gardener myself, I know that the information contained in this e-book is very good. I know I will reference it often in the future and may even have to print up some hard copy. The information is ideally suited to someone who is just getting started gardening or wants to garden in a small space.

High Density Gardening by Ric Wiley, is a superb guide for anyone who wants to have a small space garden. The information is tailored to the beginning gardener, but can be used by the experienced gardener as well. The plant guides are well designed and full of useful information. The included plans and instructions for building high density garden beds and compost bins are also wonderful.

Taking a firmer grasp of your food future is a lot easier then you realize, and is one of the best steps you can take for a healthier, happier future. All you need is a little space, a little sun, a bit of water and some useful getting started guides.

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