How to bring you garden to life with Inexpensive Fencing

How to bring you garden to life with Inexpensive Fencing

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Most of us think looking after a garden is a real treat, watering the plants, cutting the grass, re potting plants and trimming hedges. The sun is shining and suddenly we’ve forgotten about some of the most important parts of our the fencing.

Fencing is a classic garden feature that most of us have to create a clear boundary between our house and the neighbours or keep the dog from escaping. We forget that fencing can be really unique and can easily be updated.

Good fencing can make a big difference to the way your garden looks. Horizontal fencing with horizontal slats or lines can make a small garden look bigger. Adding horizontal fencing to the bottom of a long, narrow garden can make it look wider. Simple tricks can fool your eyes into believing a garden is bigger. Dark, horizontal fencing adds a modern look and with hundreds of designs and styles available you can change the look of your garden easily.

Fencing is not just for creating boundaries, fencing can be used to create interesting and unique features. Trellis fencing may have a conjure images of stuffy rose gardens but it can be used for so much more. Adding one panel of trellis fencing behind a garden seating area can become a quirky lighting feature. Thread fairy lights (outdoor) or lanterns through trellis fencing and it completely transforms. Painting trellis fencing in light pastel shades can add a formal look to your garden. Trellis fencing is not just for roses, many other plants look climbing too. Honeysuckles and Jasmine add a modern look and both have an amazing scent.

Trellis fencing may only conjure images of rose gardens and stuffy country homes, but it can be used to bring a modern touch to your garden. There are a large range of timber treatments and timber paints available on the market, painting your trellis fencing in a light pastel colour will give it new life. Soft greens and pale blues add a modern feeling, its time to break away from the classic orange staining. Instead of planting climbing plants, why not leave it empty and use it to define a seating area. The trellis design is perfect for defining areas of your garden without blocking a view or secluding the area. Trellis fencing is also great for creating simple, quirky features. Threading fairy lights or electric lanterns through trellis fencing creates a unique lighting feature.

Fencing can sometimes make a small garden feel even smaller. Tall, dark stained fencing cast shadows and make gardens feel enclosed and claustrophobic. Why not try adding a horizontal fence with a horizontal design. Going for a 4 ft high fence where possible still makes your garden private. Fencing isn’t the only way to make you garden feel more private, careful planting of hedges and trees can give your garden privacy without compromising on space.

Picket fencing may feel old fashioned to many of us, but it is a great way of creating boundaries in your garden. It’s a great way to add a vintage feel to a classic English garden, especially if its painted in a light pastel colour. If you want your picket fencing to be more modern, do for a flat top design. Painting it black or any dark colour will give it a modern edge. Planting light coloured flowers and plants in front of dark fencing gives a garden an arty feel. Picket fencing is one of the most inexpensive fencing available and is an easy way to add boundaries. Picket fencing also looks great in front gardens as it does not block any views.

It you want ultimate privacy a 6ft fence is the way to go. They can look over powering and make your garden look dark. Painting fencing is really easy and with many paints now available in a spray formula, it doesn’t have to take much time at all. A light colour will make your garden feel brighter. If you want to make a brave design move, why not try black. A dark, black simple wood fence can look very modern, just make sure it fits in with the design of your house and fence.

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