How to Keep Your Dog Safe After Fall Gardening

How to Keep Your Dog Safe After Fall Gardening

Article by Amy C.

As autumn approaches you have many things in mind like tending your fall garden. Garden planters consider fall as an opportunity to plant fall flowers to bloom in their autumn garden. There are times that garden planters have pets and this can be a conflict. Usually, animals such as dogs harms the garden by digging holes, chewing plants, ravaging flowers, and so much more. But do you know your fall garden has equal hazards for your dogs? Here are some tips to keep your pooch safe from your fall garden.

Scratches and cuts

Leaves fall out every fall and there are defoliated branches in your garden. This can cause cuts and scratches to your pooch. They might not see the branches and your dog’s can get poked in the eyes or in the face. You should secure a small fence for your dogs until spring arrives.

Foxtails can also cause harm to your dog. Foxtails are a type of diaspore grass that disperses its seeds as a unit. Their seeds look like fox’s tail thus the name foxtail. When the grass dries, its seed clings to the fur of your dog when you take it for a walk. The seed is barbed; therefore, it’s hard to remove. They can be rooted to your dog’s fur, between toes, ears, and anywhere.

When your dog got victimized by this foxtail, it might cause swelling and infections. Your dog will be bothered and will scratch and shake vigorously if a foxtail is in its fur. Having the foxtail lodged inside the dog’s body can also be fatal. So better be careful when you take your dog for a walk.

You can’t stop your dog from being playful. It loves to run and prance around and do cute stuffs that are sometimes dangerous for them. Your fall garden has enough dangers to put up with your dog and you really have to look out for possible dangers. Fountains in your garden probably have electrical wirings that your dog can chew on and it can cause electrocution. Better put something that can conceal and protect the wires or better yet use a solar fountain.

Poisons in your fall garden

There are lawn owners that winterize their lawns with fertilizers to endorse dormancy of plants. Be very sure that the fertilizer you are putting is non-toxic. If you are hiring a landscape company to apply it to your lawn, make sure it has no toxic ingredients in it to harm your dog. Go to a veterinarian if ever your pooch gets sick.

A dog is playful and always gets into trouble. It chews everything that it wants to chew and it can be dangerous. Your dog may find a Meadow Saffron which has a toxic attribute because of the presence of colchicine. Your dog may experience soreness of the mucous membrane to bloody vomiting.

Autumn is the time to harvest everything and leaves will be falling. Things that fall from trees can pose danger to your dog like the pits, stems and leaves of apricot, peach, cherry, and plum. Make sure your fall garden is free from pits from these kinds of fruits because they contain cyanide glycoside which is a toxic substance. Same with the dried leaves, they also contain cyanide, so better rake your garden from dry leaves and don’t let any toxic plants remain for your dog to chew.

Decomposition will retard during cold season. This means compost will not decompose quickly. During cold season, dogs tend to be attracted to stinky smells and moldy foods. They find it appealing and they will not have second doubts to munch on it. Better keep your pet away from compost bins if you would not want your canine friend to have a bad tummy.

Dogs have been a man’s best friend even during ancient times. There is no doubt that dogs are such a great pet to have in our homes. However, these loyal creatures are not just merely pets. They have become a part of the family. So you really have to do precautionary measures when autumn invades your garden and lawn to prevent untoward mishaps for your pooch.

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