How To Select The Right Garden Tools

How To Select The Right Garden Tools

Article by Nath Welke

Gardening to some people is more than just a hobby. To some it is a serious endeavor that brings out intense passion and fulfillment as would any other activity would to other people. For others, it is a chore that needs regular attention. Nevertheless, gardening is an activity that requires certain tools that can help you complete the task with least effort possible.

Selecting the best gardening tool can be quite challenging since there are so many to choose from. Garden tools may differ in type, size, weight and grip. For those that suffer from physical problems like arthritis, weak knees and back problems, tools that help maintain good posture is a necessity.

When at the hardware store, take the time to try out the tools. Select ones that are not only sturdy, but are comfortable for you to use. Garden tools are made using different types of materials. Depending on your preference, you can choose between aluminum, carbon fiber, stainless steel and plastic. Aluminum is the lightest in terms of weight. Stainless steel, though not the sharpest, lasts longer and is easier to cut through soil. Grip is also important. Gripping is easier if the handle is wider. You can actually modify the grip by adding padding material.

Some gardening instruments have interchangeable heads. These heads have a multipurpose facet as they can also be utilized as hand tools thus adding depth to its versatility. For clippers and cutting tools, one with a soft spring and trouble-free cutting action is ideal. It should not be difficult to trim thick branches. Two wheeled wheel barrows with handles that stick out are the best kind to get.

For the more serious gardener, you may want to invest in power tools. These kinds of tools can either be powered by electricity, fuel or battery. You may want to consider the type of tool based on the size of your garden and the proximity to power outlets. If there are no nearby power sources available, you may want to consider the use of cordless tools.

Other devices include seed sowers, rakes, forks, spades, hoes and trowels. Gardening chores can be finished much faster with weed pullers and leaf blowers. For larger gardens, you may want to install an automated sprinkler system. Otherwise, you can get by with a garden hose or a simple watering can. Depending on your budget and the amount of time and work you would want to spend in the garden, the kind of tools you choose should suit the way you want to tend to your garden.

Gardening can become much more fun if you are properly equipped with the right gadgets.

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