I need advice with starting a flower garden?

asks: I need advice with starting a flower garden?
I really want to start a flower garden, but I don’t know where to begin. My mom says she doesn’t care if I start it or not, but before she lets me have at the yard she wants me to prove that I can keep a potted flower alive. Does anyone know what are some good beginner flowers that aren’t too difficult and would survive in a pot (that wouldn’t grow to big)? I live in South Florida, so there is a lot of full sun, but there are some good shady spots around my house, too. If it’s in a pot, is it okay to bring a partial sun plant in the house during some hours and leave it outside some of the time?

Any advice is welcome! =]
ah I meant too* big…lol that would drive me crazy if I didn’t correct it! =]

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Answer by Jean
go to your local gardening store or to Lowes and ask them for advice on which potted plant to try to grow first.
there are a variety of potted plants to choose from, much of your choice will depend on your personal likes and dislikes of different flowers.
also ask about the care of the plant, most gardening places are very helpful and will give you lots of advice on the proper care of the plant.
good luck on with fist plant

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  1. If it’s a partial sun plant, you could place it in an area that is shaded the predominant part of the day. That may be on the north side of house. Keep an eye on it for watering. They dry out fast in hot weather so you may have to water it good every morning or evening. Try not to let it wilt much because it will take a toll on the plant.

  2. I’m in Texas and we have a lot of sun except in my yard and it is all shade although I did *borrow* a tiny strip with sunshine along the neighbor’s driveway with his permission, of course.

    This was my first real attempt at growing flowers, too, and I had the best luck with zinnias, but they MUST have sun. Get the shorter version or they grow too tall and fall over in a heavy rainstorm. I seeded the area with shasta daisies, but they are perennials so this year there are just short stubs of plants, but daisies are easy and fun to grow and will come back every year.

    I hope you become a good little gardener….all kids should be encouraged to get out and work in the soil. Lots of luck…I’m rooting for you.

  3. I figure you need plants which don’t die easily, so I thought of two very hardy ones, one for shade, one for sun. If you want, you could try them both!

    So, fill a pot (at least a six inch pot (that is six inches across the top) but even bigger is ok too) with some potting mix, maybe some Miracle-grow potting soil. For the shade, try some impatiens. They like hot weather and they like having bright sun nearby but not right on them, or dappled shade might do (although the Florida sun is strong, so they couldn’t take much of it.). If the shade is too deep and dark they won’t flower. You get impatiens already partly grown at a garden place, or a garden department.
    Impatiens are very easy, you don’t really have to do anything except keep them moist all the time. Although, if you use a potting soil which doesn’t already have food in it, you might want to mix in some pellet type plant food, or get some powdered plant food you can mix into the water, and feed the plant occasionally. (The same with the sun loving plant mentioned next)

    For the sun, maybe a marigold. They are very hardy (and pretty) and like heat and sun, but of course in the sun the pot will dry out fast, so you would have to be vigilant with the water. You can either buy marigold seeds, or call around to see if anyone has any already potted.

    Make sure both your pots have a “pot dish” under them, first to keep the water from draining out into the ground, and second to keep the roots of the plant from growing out the hole and into the ground.

    As for bringing them inside, I have had no luck bringing either one of these inside permanently, but neither one would mind an inside visit once in a while, I think. However, if your mom, or you, has houseplants, it is not a great idea to put your outdoor plants anywhere near them as outside pests might get on her plants.

    PS I like a person who cares so much about her spelling!!

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