Ideas For Theme Gardens

by Maia C

Ideas For Theme Gardens

Article by TSons

Theme gardens are becoming fairly popular these days and people love landscaping their gardens as per their own personal choice. Theme gardens give the gardeners an opportunity to showcase their skills in a much more artistic manner.

There are plenty of landscaping companies and professionals who provide assistance in this field. However, hiring a professional is quite expensive so instead of seeking their help you can easily put in your ideas to work by creating your very own theme garden. You can find many themes and ideas that can suit your requirements on the internet and gardening magazines. The key is to choose the one that suits your personality the most and brings out the creativity in you.

Some popular theme gardens that you can consider for your home garden are-

Cottage Garden– Cottage Garden is known for its raw and natural beauty. The basic elements that distinguish this type of garden from others are traditional features, wooden fences, trellises adorned with vines, dense and clump forming plants. Cottage gardening is all about growing plenty of flowering plants and perennials to densely cover the flower beds. You can also add traditional garden ornaments and features like sculptures, wooden benches, garden sundial, big pots, bird houses, etc.

Rock Garden– Rock Garden theme is ideal for people who live in dry and rocky terrain. You can grow specific drought tolerant plants like cactus and succulents. There are many other plant varieties that can be used in a rocky terrain. Rock gardens have pebbles, gravel, stones, rocks, sand, etc as the basic elements. You can use these elements in the best possible manner to get the desired results. You can construct features like steps, pathways, walls, etc. from rocks and stones.

Bog Garden– Bog garden or a water garden is best for wet and moist soil. Areas with poor drainage can be utilized properly by growing resistant plants. You can construct a bog or a pond in your garden and grow wetland species and other aquatic plants to accentuate it. There are many ornamental grasses, flowering plants and ferns that can tolerate soil with standing water. Pond is an amazing feature and you can grow aquatic plants in it along with fishes.

Tropical Garden– Tropical Garden is known for vibrant and colorful tropical flowering plants. You can grow many different types of plants and trees to get the tropical effect. Ferns, large trees, palms, Hibiscus, Canna, Taro, White Caladium, Sea Holly, Hosta and other exotic varieties can be grown in a tropical garden. Tropical garden is popular for bold and eye popping colors and textures.

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