Indoor gardening- Precocious herbs

Indoor gardening- Precocious herbs


When you are able to eat delicious vegetables from your own kitchen garden it is even more exciting. Organic gardening is a wonderful tool for those who have very little space in their kitchen garden and for those who are unable to bend. Indoor gardening also love the fact that there is very little weed problem, no hot sun shining down on them, and it is so much easier to have good soil and you do not need more space for this. Organic gardening or herb gardening in your favorite kitchen gardening is always fen and rewarding. A wide range of herbs and even chili peppers will produce better than expected on a sunny windowsill, especially during the summer months easily in your kitchen garden. In the absence of sun light you need little help in the way of an artificial grow light, but even that can be as simple as a full-spectrum bulb in a cheap shop light.

With the gaining popularity of organic gardening or herb gardening, many find it a convenient option to have a indoor garden.

There is no problem with the space. You can also have your own herb garden using some instructions for a novice make your task more easily. But this type of herb garden needs some attention in watering and timely pruning. They not only add vibrancy to the dull and unhealthy garden, but they also provide the best and the most healthy food. Growing conditions of Herb garden or kitchen garden include full sun to partial shade, well-drained, mildly acidic/alkaline, neutral and moist soil, soil having a proper ph level, proper seeds with specified germinating period fertilizing every two to three months in the growing season to ensure heaviest bloom. You should remember one thing that When growing in a mixed pot or window box, choose plants with similar needs. Herbs like oregano, marjoram, sage, and thyme that love lots of sun and good drainage are a guaranteed mix. Lettuce greens also grow well together, but it’s best to give hot peppers their own pot.



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