Just What Are Garden Accents?

Just What Are Garden Accents?

Yard art, lawn decorations, embellishments…just what ARE garden accents and what purpose do they serve?

Garden accents or yard art can be ANY decoration or adornment used for the purpose of accenting your yard or garden area.

Embellishments can range from simple to elaborate. Garden accents can be as simple as a solitary bird bath alone in the yard to as elaborate as multiple tiered decking with flower boxes, trellises, and plant stands strategically placed for eye-appeal.

Yard art may be singularly visible as a simple gazing globe on a pedestal. Or it may be found as a hidden surprise in the garden that catches the eye upon closer viewing. Maybe a whimsical faerie garden statue set upon an old tree stump within a small clump of trees and placed so as to be slightly hidden from view yet easily seen from different areas within your garden.

Garden accents can be replaced or alternated to provide variety or change in a yard or garden area. Smaller pieces of yard art or garden statuary can be moved around easily. A newly painted old wooden wheelbarrow of pansies could be moved around and placed anywhere in your yard.

Yard art can be store bought or homemade. Store bought accents may range from an inexpensive item picked up at a dollar store to an expensive specially customized piece of signature art. Homemade yard adornments can be anything from an unused colored bowling ball sitting atop a plant stand to an elaborately built garden trellis or deck seat and pergola complex.

What are garden accents or yard art used for? Garden accents mainly serve as a fun and creative way to personalize your lawn or garden area.

Sure, you can use the same planting design as shown in any book or mow your grass in the same pattern as a neighbor does. But, would you go so far as to also set out the exact same embellishments in your garden that were in that book (if there were any) or would you set out the same lawn adornment that your neighbor did?

Probably not.

You have personal preferences that show up everywhere else in your life so it only makes sense for your lawn or garden areas to exhibit your personal touch also.

Just what are garden accents, yard art, or lawn decorations? They are that special touch that add your personal signature to your lawn or garden areas that only YOU can provide.

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