Kitchen Herb Garden – How to Save Money by Having Your Own Kitchen Herb Garden

Kitchen Herb Garden – How to Save Money by Having Your Own Kitchen Herb Garden

Perhaps you are thinking about starting your own kitchen herb garden, especially after paying $ 2.00 for a small bunch of basil. While $ 2.00 may not seem like much, but if purchase fresh herbs each trip to the grocery store, after a while it begins to add up.

Growing herbs indoors really is actually pretty easy, especially if you keep your herb garden in an easy access, convenient location. If you are looking to start your own kitchen herb garden and enjoy fresh herbs all year round, read this article. You will learn the best way to start your own kitchen herb garden. You will also learn about basics tools for your garden, which herbs you should grow and what your kitchen herb garden needs to be healthy.

What You Need To Start Your Kitchen Garden

To get started setting up your kitchen herb garden, you will need to decide if you want your garden indoors or outside. It is easiest to have either a small garden right outside your kitchen door or even right on the kitchen counter.

For your first garden, consider experimenting with container gardening. Container gardening allows your herbs to be portable, so if your herbs are not getting enough sun or there’s a sudden change in the weather, they can be moved to a better location.

Basic Tools & Supplies For Your Herb Garden

First, you will need containers for your herbs. Standard six-inch pots are a good option. Herbs like to have room for their roots to grow, so avoid shallow pots.

Next, visit your local nursery and pick up a bag of good quality, fast draining soil. Herbs do not like saturated soil or sitting in water, so you will also need enough small stones or gravel to put about a 1″ layer in the bottom of each container for additional drainage. And last item you will need is the herbs themselves.

There are two options: seeds or starter plants. Most herbs can be grown from seed, but starter plants offer a quick start and instant gratification. Ask at your nursery for their recommendations.

Which Herbs To Grow

When deciding which herbs to grow, it is really pretty easy. Parsley, basil, chives and mint are good basics, but it really depending on your personal taste. Start by checking out your spice rack. Which herbs do you use the most?

If you drink herb teas, which ones are your favorites? Do you have a favorite herb that hard to find at your local grocer or it is expensive because it is consider “exotic”? Create a list of candidates and choose a few of your favorites for your first herb garden. It’s better to start with a small herb garden and add to it once you get the hang of herb gardening.

What Your Kitchen Herb Garden Needs To Be Healthy

One of the best reasons to start with a small garden in containers is maintaining your herbs are simple and not too time consuming. For your garden to be healthy and happy you will need:

1. A good quality, well draining soil 2. A minimum of six hours of sunlight, but preferably 10+ hours 3. Watering on a regular basis 4. Pruning, although if you are using your herbs regularly, this step will not be necessary.

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