Landscape hillside garden

Landscape hillside garden

A garden that has some degree of a hill will certainly require a bit more attention as there is a vast number of challenge that a sloping garden will bring. A hill side garden will certainly be a bit of challenge to landscape and one of he ultimate challenges is to avoid the erosion of soil. The downwards slope will result in the water flowing through the soil forcing it down the slope and this will make it difficult for the plants to stay in place and also for them to grow naturally and healthy. Prior to starting any landscaping it is very important to consider skip hire so that you have somewhere to put all the debris.


The solution to the problem of landscaping a hillside garden is actually pretty simple. The solution is to convert the slope that is in the garden and one of the most popular ways to do this is to create a staircase effect theme into the lands by filling and digging into the sloped area.


The steeped effect can be gained by excavating some of the slope and making it plane and this allows the water to come from the top and seep into the soil so that the soil is kept intact to allow for the healthy growth of plants.


Using a small wall that is built from stone will protect the flat part of the slope and this wall is often referred to as a retaining wall.

This retaining wall will hold the soil in place. The flat part of the slope will be filled with soil, compost and other important materials required for plants.


Depending on the angle of the slope it may be a good idea to build a number of horizontal walls in order to retain the soil. This type of arrangement is very useful when landscaping hillsides.

The retaining walls feature holes which are placed at regular intervals and these allow water to drain from the soil. The height of these retaining walls will vary depending on the angle of the slope and the number of stepped beds in the soil.


One of the biggest advantages is that you are able to grow various different types of flowering plants on the different steps and this creates a beautiful rich look. Once you have got all the debris cleared it is important to organise for the skip hire company to collect the skip.


When you are considering the design for the garden one of he most important things that you will have to consider is the way in which you and the rest of your family will use the outdoor space. The complete landscape of the garden should feature some trees, lawn areas and some plants. It will also be a good idea to consider some outdoor lighting so that the garden can be enjoyed in the evenings as well.


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