Make Sure Your New Garden Building has the Correct Planning Permission

Make Sure Your New Garden Building has the Correct Planning Permission

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Spring is getting closer and for many gardeners this is an exciting time of year; many are back outdoors making preparations for the busy spring and summer months. Many of us have also started tidying up our gardens in preparation for late summer evenings, barbecues and family gatherings. For many adding a new garden building to a property is exciting and provides more space to play, store or just more space to live in but now more and more people face costly battles with local council offices as planning permission can often be a problem.

In the UK any new structure or building needs planning permission. Planning permission ensures buildings aren’t built on random plots, that they are safe and also makes sure the area you live in looks presentable. Without planning many towns and cities would look very different. In the UK planning offices for different areas are not centralised so it can be difficult understanding what you can and cannot build. The rules surrounding planning in your area can greatly differ from another part of the UK. This article will go through basic planning laws which need to be considered and also provide information on how to make sure the building you add to your garden does not violate any laws.

Garden buildings are known as ‘ancillary building’ which means they are of secondary importance compared to lived in buildings like houses. Garden buildings are not used as living quarters so they are not bound by the same laws as an extra building like a granny annex. If you do want to use a garden building as living quarters you will need to get special planning permission as that building has to be deemed safe for a human being. If you do not state your building is being used as living quarters you will be avoiding council tax and flouting the law.

Most garden sheds or playhouses do not need planning permission because they are small in size and height, but this is not true of all boroughs and areas so always check with your planning office. If you live in an area of great natural beauty or on green belt land different laws can affect what you can or cannot build so always check.

You should always check planning laws with your local planning office; in some instances you should definitely ask for permission. If the building you want to add to your garden covers more than half the land available you will definitely need to apply. If you want to add a garden building between your house and a public highway you will also need to apply for planning permission.

Height is also another important issue to consider before adding a new garden building to your garden. Planning permission is needed for tall structures because they could potential block a view or cause distress to close neighbours. If the building you want to add stands over 3 meters high you should always apply.

Most playhouses do not require planning permission as they fall below the most height restrictions but if you plan to put your playhouse on stilts or a platform you will need to apply.

Summerhouses are often much large than other garden buildings like playhouses or sheds. There large size is often not an issue with most planning offices but seeking out advice is never a bad idea. Garden fencing should always be below 2 meters, if you wish to have taller garden fencing you will need to ask a local planning office.

Seeking planning permission for a new building can sometimes take time or even cost money but without planning permission you risk losing your new building altogether.

When adding a new building to your garden it’s also important to make sure the land you are building on is flat, level and hard. Large buildings like log cabins or summer houses require strong bases made from concrete or timber. Installing your garden building correctly will ensure the building it is safe and secure. Your garden building will last longer if it is built correctly.

Adding a new building to your garden can be very exciting, it offers new space to entertain or relax in. A hot summer in the UK is one to be treasured so making sure your ready for the weather will help you enjoy it to its fullest potential. So next time you want to add something new to your garden always check with your local planning office.

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