Mantis Composter Review

Mantis Composter Review

The Mantis Compost-Twin Tumbler can hold up to 25 cubic feet of raw materials. The drum has a 10 bushel capacity (it is the only Composter on the market that has this much capacity). It also has an easy crank handle and gear mechanisms which make a fully loaded barrel easy to turn. So there is no back breaking work to it. It comes with its own stand to support its weight and has two side doors that make it easy to put mulch and other compost items inside the drum. The Compost twin is 32″ high, which makes it easy to load, and unload. The frame is made from sturdy tubular steel and galvanized metal for the drum. Its overall size is 65″ wide x 66″ high and 41″ deep. You will never have to purchase compost ever again after you have tried the Mantis Composter.

It has interior fins built in to help mix the material as you rotate the drum. Aerator vents located on each door, allow plenty of oxygen to enter the chamber and vented end caps which assure an even air flow and just the proper amount of drainage. The bin is designed to keep out rodents and other wildlife, as well as your own pets.

While one chamber in the Composter allows your compost to cook (so to speak), the other side always is ready for more scraps and debris. You no longer have to have ugly piles of compost setting in plain sight, and you do not have to worry about the smell drifting into your neighbor’s house. Every gardener knows how important compost is to having a fantastic crop as well as flower gardens. It is the big so called secret to successful gardening.

It has even passed the National Home Gardening Club members test. It is still covered with the mantis Promise, which is a one year money back guarantee. Where you can try if for an entire year, risk free. If you are not satisfied with this product this one year guarantee is hassle free. So there is absolutely no risk to you. It is also backed by a 2 year warranty on the Composter itself, for the parts and the workmanship.

If you order the Mantis Composter online you will receive a 2 lb. box of compost activator and a guide to composting, all for free. The Mantis Composter tumbler is well worth the price that Mantis is asking for it, but of course do not forget the sales tax that always has to go with each purchase.

If you order online you can have your payments spread over a four month period. So you can have time to try all the Mantis accessories, there are no added interest charges for doing your payments in this way. The website offers a secure online payment page, which uses most of the major credit cards. All you have to do is to fill out the billing and shipping information and click on the tab to charge your card in four equal monthly payments. We know that you will be very happy using your new Mantis Composter.

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