Mowing Techniques for a Thick and Green Lawn

by Er.We

Mowing Techniques for a Thick and Green Lawn

Want to get the greenest, most lush and thick lawn in the neighborhood? Here are some tips that will help you on the way.

Grass clippings are excellent organic fertilizers

You have an excellent source of fertilizer just using your clippings from mowing. They are excellent organic fertilizers and they can provide important matter and nutrients to the soil. So – don’t remove the grass clippings. Instead let them help your lawn grow stronger.

Only remove the clippings if they are too thick and heavy so that they could harm the grass. And of course, if you decide to remove the clippings, make sure you recycle them in your compost.

Mow high and frequently for good weed control

Set your mower on high mowing (approx 2 inches) and mow frequently. This is important. If you cut the grass too low, you will reduce its resistance to diseases and drought. Mowing to the proper height will effectively hurt your weeds more than the grass, since weed grow faster and are typically sensitive to top pruning.

Buy a good lawn mower

Investing in a good lawn mower (grass mower) is a good idea. Regardless of whether the mower is a hand pulled version, a sit-on machine or an electric mower, it should be high quality and easy to maintain.

Always make sure that the blades are sharp and produces a clean cut. The grass should have a clean sharp cut on inspection after mowing. Otherwise, make sure you sharpen the mower blades.

The choice between a hand driven or motorized lawn mower is really an individual preference. Just remember that you will mow often, and if you have a large lawn, a hand driven mower will perhaps get you more exercise than you intended…

Even out high and low spots on the lawn

The lawn should be fairly leveled to allow for easy mowing, and to avoid the mower scalping off parts of the lawn, and leaving other parts uncut. It’s advisable to go over your lawn once a year, look for uneven levels, and to correct them when needed.

Fill holes with soil and seed it with similar grass that is already on your lawn. A high spot can be corrected by lifting the turf and removing soil from underneath, making the spot in level with the surrounding lawn.

Following these simple advice, you will be well on your way to produce a green and thick lawn that will make yourself and your family proud and make your neighbors stop to ask what you’re doing right.

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