Outdoor Garden Statues – Types and Varieties

Outdoor Garden Statues – Types and Varieties

There is a certain emptiness to a garden if it has not been supplemented with something original. Although nature is wonderful and amazingly beautiful, it can only provide so much. A garden that just has a green lawn and some plants and flowers would be found fairly drab by the majority of people who see it or sit in it, regardless of what the landscaping is like or how rare the vegetation is. The missing pieces in gardens such as these are outdoor garden statues. Garden statues can bring about an instant change in the way the garden is looked at primarily because of the contrast the statue would bring to the natural greenery. Furthermore, a garden statue can impart a sense of stability which acts like a tasteful counterpoint to the ever changing characteristic of nature.

There are a variety of outdoor garden statues that a garden owner can place in his garden. The kind of statue that is chosen depends primarily on the garden owner’s personal preference and the kind of effect he wishes to impart to his garden. This translates into three things which include the kind of material that the garden owner wants to use, the content of the statue and the overall mood. The following are some details.

1. Material: The first dilemma that any garden owner will face with respect to outdoor garden statues is the kind of material that he wants his statue to be. There are virtually endless options when it comes to this but three main contenders would be stone, metal and resin. Having a stone statue would result in the owner being reminded of old school Roman or Greek statues that used to sit amongst the major monuments, palaces and gardens of those times. Options with stone statues can range from anything exquisite like marble to something solid like granite. A metal statue can add a very new touch to the garden as metal contrasts very well with the green surroundings. Various choices when it comes to metal statues include copper, iron, brass and basically any metal possible. Having resin outdoor garden statues is a new concept which has gained popularity primarily because of their sturdiness.

2. Content: There are mainly three things that outdoor garden statues can depict. This includes animals, human figures and some form of architecture such as pedestals or arches. When it comes to choosing from these three, the choice depends entirely on what the garden owner likes. However, sometimes the choice is also guided by the exact orientation and location of the statue.

3. Mood: Different types of outdoor garden statues impart a different mood to a garden. For example, garden gnomes and flamingos which have been one of the choices for people for a long time now can add a very playful mood to the garden. Similarly, if the garden owner wants seriousness then he can go for outdoor garden statues of famous people. Another option that is famous amongst religious people is using people from the Bible as the inspiration for the garden statues. This makes the garden a very serene, calm and relaxing place to be in.

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