Pick Of The Crop Gardening Gifts

Pick Of The Crop Gardening Gifts

Article by John Smith

In the past ten years or so, gardening has moved very much in to the mainstream of lifestyle culture. Where once it was seen as dirty, hard, though worthwhile work, it is now very much in vogue for anyone to don their rough clothes and head out into the garden with a trowel in one hand and a cup of tea in the other. It is not so much allotment work, where you bulk grow produce, though this in itself has seen a surge in popularity, possibly in part due to television programmes like those hosted by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, which champion growing your own fruit and vegetables rather than get them from the supermarket. More popular is just the general keeping of your green areas neat and tidy, with some colourful and blossoming flowers adding lustre to your garden. This in turn makes it a nice place to be in the summer, although the one we’re experiencing at the moment is a slightly wetter one than you might have expected.

With this then comes an unsurprising rise in the popularity and demand of gardening gifts. This is a boon for those of us who have green fingered fanatics among our family and friends as we have the whole stress filled process of buying presents for them straightened out! So, what kind of gardening gifts are available at the moment that will delight the budding Alan Titchmarsh or Charlie Dimmock you know?

To begin with, I propose something among the gardening gifts that will undoubtedly help both the gardener and those who have to live with (and clean up after) them. For situating at both the front and back doors, you can get a personalised door mat, with which you can stop mud, dirt and other assembled gardening detritus into the clean sanctuary of your house! This, as you might unsurprisingly expect, functions like a normal doormat, to clean anything off your shoes that does not want to be walked into the house. However the difference is that any message of your choosing can be put on the mat, whether it be humorous or threatening (CLEAN YOUR FEET OR ELSE for example). In all, it keeps the house clean of muck and keeps them alive and there are not many gardening gifts that can boast that.

To continue on with this, at the moment, personalised gardening gifts, like all personalised gifts, are becoming very popular. It is not as if everything need to actually of use in the garden, as if someone is interested in gardening then they will more than likely like to surround themselves with things that reflect that. For example, you could get them a personalised calendar, which has pictures of beautiful gardens within, or even get them a personalised diary with a gardening themed front cover. All these are gardening gifts and make for nice additions to an overall selection, or as a nice treat. As a last point, most gardeners I know enjoy a refreshing brew from time to time and getting them a personalised mug might be a nice idea too.

Finally however, we come to what must be the king among gardening gifts. It assumes this position mainly because it is not just one sole gift but an array of extremely useful and thoughtful individual items. It is called the Green Fingers Basket and is a perfect present for gardeners. This is not a hamper in the usual sense of containing crushed sandwiches and warm wine, but contains a wide range of gifts related to gardening. For instance, included inside is a comfortable apron, an easily fillable squirt gun for watering hard to reach plants and flowers, a robust set of secateurs, gardening gloves and other gardening tools as well as a chamomile and honey hand cream and a basil and thyme aromatic hand scrub. This means that after putting away your tools for the day, you can thoroughly refresh those hands you’ve worked so hard! This is definitely the catch-all present, as it is not just a gardening gift, but a whole rake of gardening gifts!

In short then, there is no need to fret when it comes to thinking of buying gardening gifts for people. There are still specific gardening gifts, such as the hamper mentioned above, but there are also accessories and other things that can be personalised, such as the diaries and the calendars, that complement utilitarian gardening gifts like tools.

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