Planning a Memorial Garden

by jo-h

Planning a Memorial Garden

When someone has lost someone close to them, the ensuing days, months, and even years can be an incredibly challenging time. If you lost a loved one or know someone who has, creating a memorial garden will provide a constructive way to work through the grieving process. The memorial garden will then serve as a way to honor the life of the loved one for many years to come.

Your first step in planning a memorial garden should be to find the ideal location for the garden. Make sure that the area is a place where the grieving individual/s will want to visit. In addition, the garden should receive plenty of sunlight and should be close enough to a water source so that you are able to ensure that it thrives even during the dryer months.

Next, consider what types of plants or trees represent the life of the departed. If you are helping a grieving individual plant a memorial garden, consider purchasing a memorial gift tree that includes a personal message in the gift box.

Pine, spruce, or cedar trees are a great option since they maintain their foliage in winter.

Once plants and/or trees have been added to a memorial garden, it is important to add a comfortable bench or other type of seating so that friends and family of the departed can sit and reflect in the garden. Garden benches that have been inscribed with a poem or the departed individual’s name will make a beautiful addition to any memorial garden. Garden stones that have been inscribed with a meaningful poem are also great additions to memorial gardens. To add to the peaceful ambiance of the garden, consider hanging windchimes from a tree.

When choosing objects to add to a memorial garden, pick items that remind you of your loved one.

The garden does not have to be created overnight. Take your time in finding statues, stones, or anything else that adds beauty to the garden and that invokes fond memories of the departed.

A memorial garden gives friends and family the chance to demonstrate their love for a departed individual on a regular basis. Most people find that maintaining a garden offers solace and relaxation. When a grieving person is given the opportunity to continue to do something after their loved one has passed on, they are able to more effectively work through the grieving process and to find a greater amount of comfort. 

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