Planning Your Garden

Planning Your Garden

Most of us see a garden design and a landscaping project on two different levels of planning. However, while designing a garden typically does imply a smaller and more intimate project than an entire landscape plan, the main principles are indeed the same. You should take some time to carefully plan out exactly what you want to do with your garden before you begin.

To start ask yourself a few important questions. Do you want mature trees and plants or will you start from seeds or seedlings? Do you have room for certain trees or shrubs? Will your favorite plants grow better in full sun, shade, or partial shade? Before you plan anything on paper or put a single plant in the ground, you should become more familiar with the basic principles of landscape designs. Doing this will give you a better understanding about balance of color, form, choosing the right landscaping plants, and important qualities like repetition and contrast.

It does help to understand even if you plan on creating your garden yourself or plan on borrowing ideas from gardening magazines or websites.

Ask yourself if your garden has a specific purpose or theme. If the answer is yes, you should be clear about it from start to finish. Your garden will be crafted to be a viewed like a work of art, an extended livable room of your private home. Your garden is meant to be walked through and enjoyed by you and your guests. Both purpose and function will go hand in hand in your special garden.

Besides the task of choosing the perfect combination of landscaping plants, trees, and shrubs, the shape is where most people have a problem when designing both gardens and landscaping. Of course the shape and design are very important since we all want our landscaping and gardens to stand out, be unique, what we envision and to be tasteful reflections of those things.

Once you have the purpose of your garden or landscaping in mind, you need to be prepared to draw out your plans as you put your ideas together.

As you design a plan you will need to go through the steps of measuring, plotting, designing, and drawing your plans. These steps are all good to go through in person whether you plan on a simple pencil sketch plan or are considering using more sophisticated landscaping software for your garden.

If you are getting stumped and stuck for ideas, then research is what you will need to do. Magazines, home and garden television shows, and even neighbors yards can give you plenty of garden, landscape, and property ideas to look at for hours on end. As you look through these resources, you may get lucky enough to find a perfect match for your plot of earth. Usually though that is not the case, so it’s typically better to look for several different ideas that will work for your purposes and then put them all together with your own ideas.

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