Queen´s Diamond Jubilee Gives Gardeners A Chance To Show Their Garden Plants In Patriotic Colours

Queen´s Diamond Jubilee Gives Gardeners A Chance To Show Their Garden Plants In Patriotic Colours

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What a delight this year for gardeners around the UK, entering into competitions for the best gardens to show off designs, and patriotic colours for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, a sheer gardener’s delight.

The excitement is at fever pitch all over the UK with parishes and district councils, schools, garden clubs and patriotic gardeners planning displays and commemorative plantings to mark this great occasion.

If you are a gardener with experience you will probable consider a long-term view, by planting maybe a more permanent garden with trees garden shrubs, and rose gardens, while others will try to capture the occasion with a display of colourful arrangements of annuals.

Many gardeners will want to display plants matching the Union flag in patriotic colours of red, white and blue, and at this stage in the game it is better to plant young plug plants rather than starting from seed. Many mail-order companies will be able to supply all sorts of plants and the petunia offers just the perfect colours and are available is mini-plugs of red, white and blue.

Fly the flag with your hanging baskets or plant your containers and pots with red, white and blue container plants. You can choose a mini petunia, in bright fiery red, and for the white maybe different species such as verbena and then the blue lobelias, which can trail over the basket or container, the result will be fantastic.

A favourite of the Queen is the beautiful sweet pea, and these garden plants are always used at the summer flower show at Sandringham, and of course are available in patriotic colours, furthermore you will not find a more perfect white sweet pea than ‘White Frills’.

Every gardener across the country will be planning and planting their own idea of the best way they can fly the flag, there are so many bedding plants that will offer a red, white and blue display and most gardening centres and nurseries will to be sure to stock a good selection of red, white and blue options.

In honour of the Queen’s Jubilee millions of trees have been planted around the UK, this project was launched in February 2011 as the ‘Jubilee Woods Project’, the target is of 6 million trees to be planted through 2012, and to date 2.75 million trees have been planted by schools, communities, and private gardens, also at Woodland Trust sites across the UK.

A spokesman for Blooming Direct a nursery located on the island of Jersey said, “this is a big year for the UK, and many gardeners have already purchased plants in patriotic colours, even earlier in the year packets of garden seeds, to plant and bring on as seedlings, and then to plant out in gardens in a dedication to the Queen, it is so exciting for the gardener to focus on a project this summer, we of course can supply all species of plants that will offer the preferred colours this season, more importantly all orders shipped to the UK are free”.

Gardeners will certainly take pride in presenting their garden in full bloom to honour the sovereign, the British public is a patriotic race proud of the history and heritage of their country, and long may it live on.

For further information visit: http://www.bloomingdirect.com or you can visit their Facebook page to discover more offers.

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