Quot;Yuntao Garden” For Whom the alarm shock incident Ming – Electrical fire, small-Wu – Fire

by Er.We

Quot;Yuntao Garden” For Whom the alarm shock incident Ming – Electrical fire, small-Wu – Fire

Yuntao Garden entire building to be “power floor”, an owner of electric shock in the bathroom killed. After several days of investigation, on August 21 afternoon, authorities finally released the survey results, residential power distribution system is the cause of this is Accident The main reason. At 11:45 p.m. on the August 13, Baiyun District, and the street with Yuntao Garden, No. 7, a 504 room owners surname Deng, suddenly electrocuted in the bathroom. After the incident, authorities quickly set up a task force to investigate the cause.

Experts also found that the total residential building no such potential links, there is no master switch, leakage protection, loss of the entire distribution system leakage protection. And into the family line of cross section is too small, carrying capacity is not enough, too many wires inside the metal groove, long-term overheating, causing damage to wire insulation. Under the effects of various factors, eventually led to this tragedy.

Countries have been very concerned about the safety circuit, to develop a series of legal norms, “the new Fire Law “” Building Energy Standards “,” architectural design code for fire protection, “” civil electrical design, “” civil Electrical Fire Design Code “and” automatic fire Alarm System design “and other laws and regulations, require departments to seriously implement.

“Yuntao Garden” something went wrong and who should pay for the accident? Electrician? Community Property Management? Building contractors? Or fire supervisory authority? If they have the responsibility, they must bear the responsibility. Then the district’s residents do? Why wait until the accident occurred, began to accountability, are weak on their own little sense of responsibility for the fire did not pay for it?

Wu, general manager of China’s small electrical fire, said Mr.

Wei Jingjin, this event is just tip of the iceberg, the plot like this, in China many, sooner or later go wrong. From the reflection of fire safety in China and the international still has some gaps. State fire laws and regulations are not sound, a national fire safety awareness of electrical safety monitoring is weak, even the law and trust to luck, to cope with examination. To a small electrical fire safety standards and rationality Wu Electrical Fire Monitoring system for example through the use of microcomputer control technology, electrical wiring, equipment set up card “test, monitor,” all-weather real-time monitoring electrical wiring device leakage, overload, short circuit, excessive contact resistance, temperature, electric spark and arc changes. If the fault exception to warning value, the system can immediately send sound and light alarm, monitoring personnel to automatically dial the phone reported that barrier, accurate fixed-point positioning display fault conditions, promptly notify the monitoring personnel to troubleshoot the same time, linkage with the Fire Control Centre . If the monitoring personnel delay in processing, the system can also be set off before the fire broke out in the electrical circuit failure Power supply . The current system for electric fire has forced the State to install, if Yuntao garden follow the installation system for electric fire, then the accident would not occur.

A life for people passing a temporary alert, alarm Yuntao Whom Ming Garden? Sounded the safe use of electricity Environment Construction, the state fire laws and regulations of the sound, the entire community fire safety awareness. ( Little Wu / Lin- )

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