Rattan Garden Furniture

Rattan Garden Furniture

There are so many styles of garden furniture to choose from as well as materials. What is becoming the most popular of all is rattan garden furniture. It has a number of advantages over many other materials as well as looking very contemporary.

Rattan or wicker furniture for the garden is actually not rattan at all. It is synthetic but looks just like the real thing. It needs to be synthetic to withstand the weather and all garden furniture is made in this way. It is made from a resin or plastic but is still often weaved by hand in traditional ways.

By being synthetic it is waterproof and will last for years even if left outside all the year long. When choosing your garden furniture ensure that it is also treated to be mold free. You do not want to have to be continually cleaning it to keep it in good order. If you do need to clean it then the process is fairly easy.

First get a soft brush and go over the furniture. This will get rid of any dust in between the weave and takes minutes.

Next you can give it a gentle wipe over with a warm soapy solution. Just ensure that the cloth is damp and nothing more. It does not need to be soaking wet. This is about all you need to do to care for rattan patio furniture. Good quality furniture for the garden does not need more attention than this.

If you are yet to decide on what furniture for the garden you would like then take a look around and I am sure you will agree that for style and quality it is hard to beat rattan garden furniture.

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