Renovate Your Home And Garden – Giving New Life To Your Home

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Renovate Your Home And Garden – Giving New Life To Your Home

Are you bored with the way your home and garden look and wish to redo them? If you are looking for useful tips on how to do so, flipping through a copy of the American Homestyle and Gardening Magazine can give you a lot of great advice on going about re-doing your home and garden. Not only will you find excellent home decoration and gardening advice, you will also get really useful money saving tips while going about re-doing your home and garden. You can also look through many products for your home and garden, some even at a discount. There are many well-informed articles on homes and gardens.

If you need a deeper perspective as to how useful the magazine really is, why not have it first hand? Here are some flashes of what you will get if you buy the American Homestyle and Gardening Magazine to help you with re-doing your home and garden.

The exact articles have not been reproduced here, but summarized briefly for your benefit.

Article on Energy Efficiency and Landscape Design

You can design your garden in such a way as to enhance the efficiency of energy in your home. How you place the shrubs and trees outside your house can have a significant effect on how warm or cool your home can get. If you need your house to be cooled against the extremely hot sun, but still allow some of the sun to filter through, planting a few deciduous trees to the south of your house should do the trick. Correctly placing two or three trees will save your household from an estimated $ 100 – $ 250 per annum in energy expenditure – these statistics come from the US Department of Energy and are quoted in the American Homestyle and Gardening Magazine.

You should refrain from planting a tree really close to the house as the roots growing too close to the structure have the ability to damage it, once the tree grows larger. Evergreen trees can save heating costs for you as they provide a natural windbreak. However, plant them away from the house in such a way that the distance is the same as that which covers three to five mature trees.

Article on repairing guttering

Improving the guttering will enhance the appearance of your house and will prevent damp from entering the walls. The holes developed by gutters either due to damage or corrosion can either be plugged using roofing cement (in case of small holes) or be covered by a small patch of metal (for larger holes). Debris from the area can be cleared and depending on the kind of hole use the appropriate knife to smooth in the cement (with a putty knife, for small holes) or tidy up the edges for the metal(with a palette knife, and large holes).

These tips are extremely useful for your home-style and gardening and are all available in the American Homestyle and Gardening Magazine.

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