Seasonal Gardening Jobs in the Spring

Seasonal Gardening Jobs in the Spring

Spring is a tremendously crucial time in the garden. Gardening jobs in spring start with the winter clean up all of the flowers, shrubs and trees that have taken a battering with the harsh winter weather now need a little TLC to see them through the next few months.

English roses will need to be pruned this time of the year and chopping them right back will result in beautiful long stemmed roses and pretty rose bushes. Another not so gratifying job all gardeners detest is weeding the lawn, the sooner it’s done the easier your lawn will be to manage.

Weeding should be done before the weeds have the opportunity to flower and seed, once they have flowered they scatter their seeds over the rest of the garden and this is what causes them to spread, once this happens more of your handwork is needed to keep your garden in tip-top condition. Most weeds can be plucked out of the ground quite easily, but make sure to take them from the root, as just removing the top will encourage them to grow back. Some of the stronger weeds (mare’s tails, for example, the irritation of my life!) will require a herbicide to get rid of them.

Begin with looking at your lawn, does it need help? Most lawns need a spring feed to keep them looking healthy and vigorous, so why not start now. If there is moss in your garden, a mixture of fertilizer and moss killer can be applied to the area to solve the problem. Re- seeding can be one of the final tasks after you have fertilized the lawn properly. To re-seed your lawn sprinkle a good quality grass seed over the lawn and water it regularly; you will soon see the change in your lawn and it will look healthier and more vibrant.

Another exciting spring seasonal job is to begin to organise the plants and vegetables you need to grow this coming year. By starting off your seeds in starter pots around early march, you will have a 30 day head start when you come to planning the following month. By which time you will already have a small shoot to bed into the soil.

Some of the vegetables that are suitable for this time of the year include lettuce, tomatoes, asparagus, garden peas, spinach, chard, and Brussels sprout all of these can be planted in starter pots now. You don’t have to go to the garden centre any purchase expensive starter pots, seeds that are started in old egg cartons or soft cheese pots work just as well.

Spring is a terrific time for planting and transplanting new fruit trees. Nurseries tend to have an impressive range of new plants and bushes and now is the time to be buying them, so you can have a fantastic looking garden come summer. Although this is a good time to be transferring plants, the work needs to be done as early as possible as most have already started their growing period. Read more about gardening advice on our site which is full of expert tips.

Note of caution, transplanting your rosebushes at this time of the year will leave you with a 50/50 chance of losing them, roses need to be moved in winter when the growth is dormant, moving them any other time is dangerous.

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