Seven Essential Tips For Your Rose Tree Garden

Seven Essential Tips For Your Rose Tree Garden

You must be quite an accomplished rose gardener if you are contemplating your very own rose tree garden! Nature, in all it’s bounty, does not produce rose trees! But man, not to be dissuaded, went ahead and created his own! The ‘Rose tree’ or ‘Rose Standard’ is not exactly a tree; it is essentially three different parts, the root structure, cane, and roses, of different rose plants grafted together as one. Rose trees have been around for centuries, decorating palace gardens and the sprawling acres of European nobility.

You will need tremendous skill and ample time to plant and take care of your rose trees so if you have neither, you are better off with your good ole shrubs and climbers. Here are seven essential tips for successfully planting and growing your rose tree:

1. Plant in a greenhouse first. It may be a good idea to grow your tree in your greenhouse until it is fully established and then transplant it outside. This keeps it safe from the elements and gives some amount of protection from pest attacks and common diseases. You will also be able to give it your personalized attention and care.

2. Give adequate space between your tree and other plants or trees. Rose Trees need a lot of space: six square feet per tree is adequate but if you can manage more space, nothing like it. So if your yard has an area of 50 square feet, plant no more than 8 trees.

3. Select root, cane, and crown of roses only from suitable plants. Make sure that all the three plants you plan to use to graft your tree are suited to your climate zone and soil conditions. Needless to say choose only those varieties that are disease resistant and hardy as your tree needs as much help it can get to survive.

4. Dig much deeper and wider than your roots. The hole should be at least 1 ½ times deeper and wider than the roots to allow them to spread out comfortably. Cover the roots with thoroughly decomposed manure and fill the hole with fertile soil. Confirm that the bud union – the part where the cane is grafted to the root – is on the same level as the top of the soil.

5. Water deeply and thoroughly. Rose trees are thirstier than other rose plants. They need about 2 ½ inches of water, concentrated around the roots, every week.

6. Protect the cane. The cane is the most important part of your tree as it serves as the trunk of the tree. It needs a lot of special care especially during winter. Mulch around the base and right up and all around the cane to protect it from being frostbitten. Keep the mulch in check by using chicken wire. Prop up a support for the cane as it can easily be blown down by strong winds.

7. Prune carefully. Never prune the cane as it supports the rest of your tree. The best time of year for pruning the branches of your tree is March. But if you are late in planting, your tree could do with pruning even before it is planted. Pruning keeps your tree disease-free and relieves the cane of excess weight. Follow these tips and you will soon be the proud owner of your very own rose tree garden!

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