Simple and Appealing Gardening Design Tips

Simple and Appealing Gardening Design Tips

Article by Antigua Resler

When you design your garden, the way you arrange it can have positive or negative effects. You will want to make sure your plan for the well being of the plants that you will be growing, along with something that will be easy to maintain and still manage to establish the look you wish for. The key to gardening design is planning ahead, and taking all of the essential factors into consideration. Below, we will offer some valuable suggestions to use when you start designing your garden.

When planning your garden design you have to think of what’s convenient for you, how it will look and also what the plants need. It is important that you don’t leave out any of these factors because you definitely want your garden to be as healthy and as attractive as it can possibly be. It is important to consider the practical things like the wind that will blow through it, the drainage offered to it and the amounts of sun and shade the plants will get.

Naturally, you are going to need to plan out your location understanding the specific needs of the plants in your garden. You also want to make sure that your garden is convenient for you. If you would like to plant herbs and vegetables that you can cook with, the garden needs to be as close as possible to your kitchen. So, basically, you need to figure out how to combine convenience, appearance and practical things well. Japanese gardens have a look that’s both exotic and yet simple. You may want to incorporate some of these elements in your own garden. There are the traditional plants such as the bonsai or cherry trees that are used in Japanese gardens you might consider. You could try other types of Japanese gardens such as the traditional Zen rock garden, or simply use some Japanese ornaments to enhance the look of your garden. One attractive feature is the bamboo fountain which would give your garden a relaxing atmosphere. Other decorations that can create a Japanese garden atmosphere are stone lanterns. Aside from being very decorative during the day, these will light up your garden at night in an unique way, and they are energy efficient as well.

When designing your garden, you may want to think about lighting. Lots of people believe that a garden is something that you can enjoy while the sun is out during the day and then forget about after the sun has set, but you can still enjoy a garden at night if it is well lit. With the right lighting, gardens can seem welcoming and even a little bit magical at night. You need to focus on lighting that uses low voltages both because it looks better and saves energy. Solar lights, which are found in tons of different kinds of designs, can offer fabulous lighting for your garden. Experiment a little and place you lights in a way that shows off your plants in the best possible way. You will have to plan your garden design in a way that meets your needs, preferences and budget. You may look to traditional or modern gardens for ideas, but you then have to customize these plans so they can work for you. Although we have offered a few tips here, there are so many different ideas that you can use and incorporate into your garden that will give it the look your prefer.

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