Six Perfect Gardening Gift Ideas That Gardeners Will Love

Six Perfect Gardening Gift Ideas That Gardeners Will Love

Since time immemorial, gardening has been one of the most popular hobbies and even during the modern times, it is still a favorite hobby of the many. You probably know someone who is into gardening and if you were looking for a present that you can give, a gardening gift would be perfect.

Gardening gifts are so easy to find and they are almost everywhere. There are numerous gardening gift items, which you can select from. Below are some gift ideas you may consider.

1. Gardening Book. If you are buying a gift for a beginner or someone who is planning to try gardening, a good gift idea would be a gardening book or informational CD. This book provides information on the different types of plants that is appropriate for your area and at what season of the year they should be planted. It also gives a complete guide in planting and how to give the plants the proper nourishment that they need. You can buy gardening books in bookstores, nurseries and through the Internet.

2. Plant. This could be a cute gift for both beginner and experienced gardeners. Flowering plants like poinsettia during Christmas season or any other plants will surely be appreciated. Perennial plants are also safe for a gift as they can be grown all year round. Giving seeds for planting is also a good idea.

3. Gardening Themes. A more thoughtful present would be using gardening themes on plants. For example, you can give an herb with attached recipe to it using the herb. Another unique idea is a plant that attracts butterflies with a book about butterflies.

4. Gardening Tools. These are the most common gardening gifts to gardeners. The recipient would be very happy to receive these gifts, as every gardener needs it. You can give simple tools such as a rake to remove leaves and debris from the garden, or an electric blower or vacuum. Other basic tools that every gardener should have are sprinklers, trimmers, and gloves.

5. Calendar or Farmers Almanac. Another good gift idea is a calendar with gardening theme. This calendar indicates moon phase that affects almost all plants. A better idea is a Farmers Almanac, which gives complete information on weather, when frosts hit your area, what to plant on different climates, and when to prune.

6. Gift Certificate. If you have a hard time deciding what gardening gift items you would give, a gift certificate to a nursery or gardening store is the safest gift. The recipient can choose the tool that he needs or the plant that he wants to have. There is unlimited selection of gardening gift items at different prices available out there. You can always find gardening gifts that will fit your budget.

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