Starting a Garden is Great Grown Up Fun!

by floato

Starting a Garden is Great Grown Up Fun!

Article by Quear Bergstresser

When you were a child you probably played in the dirt as often as you could. You dug holes in the ground, sculpted castles and raced matchbox cars around makeshift tracks. The sandbox and other patches of dirt your parents allowed you to play in may have been like another world to you, where you imagined yourself taking make believe adventures and journeys. As an adult, time is limited for playing in the dirt. That’s why so many adults put the extra hours in to grow their garden. When you desire the outdoors for working and playing in the dirt, you will have an excuse because you are a gardener. If planting your own garden has been on your mind, here are some things you should do if you want it to be bountiful.

Don’t ever let your seedlings dry out completely. Even though it’s true that there are some plants that prefer to grow in dry soul it is also true that those plants still need some water. All seedlings need to be watered. You don’t have to create muddy conditions, of course, but a little moisture is required to keep your seedlings alive. The type of plants you are trying to raise will dictate the amount of water that you need to provide to help your garden thrive. Learn the amount of water they need and how often they need it before you plant your seedlings. You don’t want your plants to drown or dry out! The majority of gardening activities are little more than following a schedule. As time goes on you will get into a schedule and just know instinctively how to take care of your garden every day. You will learn when to do the weeding, how to check to make sure the garden is not drying out, when to add nutrients and when to add compost to your garden. Let yourself figure out your own gardening schedule and then just stick to it. Many new gardeners fail to keep their gardens alive because they either don’t realize how much work is needed or they decide they don’t care about how much work is needed to keep a garden plot healthy.

Don’t spend a bunch of money on tools from the garden department just because you see them by the register. Start with a few basics like a garden rake, a garden spade and a good hose and then build from there. As you work in your garden you will figure out which tools you really need and which you will only use once a year or so. Don’t let the garden department clerk talk you into buying a bunch of gardening tools you probably won’t ever use. You might wind up tossing a bunch of money away on tools that you won’t ever use!

Everybody can have a garden. The trick to having a great garden is to make sure that you approach growing plants correctly. If you want your garden to flourish you should plan your garden out ahead of time and learn how to care for your plants before you plant them. Once you figure out how to keep your garden healthy and have figured out what kind of routine you want to follow for your work outside, doing your daily gardening chores will feel far more enjoyable. You could even come to look forward to digging in your garden each day.

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