Summer Gardens – A Bird Lovers Paradise

Summer Gardens – A Bird Lovers Paradise

A garden is a source of joy for those who love nature and very often, such individuals are bird lovers too. Summer gardens attract many birds and this is another bonus for the nature-loving gardener. Large tracts of land covered with blossoming plants are a gardener’s dream come true. A little extra effort and planning can go a long way to attract numerous varieties of birds to a summer garden. There are several ways to accomplish this goal.

A summer garden can consist of fruit bearing trees or flowering plants. Most birds prefer the flowering plants for the nectar, the fruit and berries, which are a source of food. Green foliage also attracts insects and worms that birds feed on. Birds like water and they enjoy playing in it. Making sure to put a source of water for the birds in the garden will attract many birds. This may include a water fountain, a small waterfall or a goldfish pond. Care should be taken to see that the water does not stagnate and serve to be a breeding place for mosquitoes. Therefore, a source of running water would be the ideal choice. A neat and clean summer garden will attract many feathered friends.

If you are a serious bird lover, then you need to take some time to research the types of birds that come to your area and the kind of plants or trees they prefer. The summer garden can then be planned accordingly. Birds can attract predators and this factor needs to be considered while planning the garden. Creating an environment for bird predators to hang out will defeat the purpose of having a summer garden for birds. Another factor to be considered is to see that pesticides and insecticides that you use for the garden pests do not harm the visiting birds.

Placing birdhouses in the garden will attract many birds during the nesting season. Large trees with green foliage are also favored by birds for building nests. However, if you have a pet dog or cat, birds will be reluctant to come into the garden, as they will not feel safe. Food is another factor, which plays a major role in attracting birds to a garden. Since birds feed on insects and worms, green shady trees having good foliage can be planted in the garden. Bird feeders may be placed at strategic points so that food is easily available. Make sure the bird feeders are designed so that they prevent squirrels from stealing the bird feed.

There are no hard and fast rules to create the best summer garden for birds. Anything that attracts birds to the garden can be utilized, this includes landscaping the area to accommodate water bodies or growing a particular type of blossoming plant and vegetation or creating nesting area for the birds. For bird lovers and garden lovers, it is quite possible to have a fabulous summer garden that appeals to the birds and is a pleasing sight to all. Spending quiet time in the garden and tending to the plants in the company of feathered friends is a great way to unwind and escape from the stress and rigors of daily life.

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