Taste Is An Individual Thing And Never More So Than When It Comes To Gardens

Taste Is An Individual Thing And Never More So Than When It Comes To Gardens

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Taste is an entirely individual thing, and most people have a lot to say with regards to the perfect garden, some gardeners will want to grow their own vegetables, to help feed the family, while others will concentrate on producing beautiful flowers to enjoy.

A beautiful garden speaks volumes about the person or people who planted it, full with garden plants of every shape and colour that can take the breath away, planted in abundance is a wonderful show of colour for all to enjoy.

It makes no difference if you have a huge garden or just a very small concrete yard; flowers bring beauty to any area. Container plants planted in tubs, containers or pots make a wonderful display in a yard, or either side of a front door. If you think ‘outside the box’ you can create a wonderful show, in an uninteresting yard which can be transformed with containers and hanging baskets.

Gardens using flowers as their primary element are obviously called flower gardens, but having said that, garden shrubs, trees and other components are present as well, but if the main focus is on the flowers then these plants will need extra attention from their creators.

The colour, aroma, height, leafage are all attributes of the plants, and if sown from a simple packet of garden seeds notice should be taken to the fact that different plants bloom in different seasons, and if care is taken these plants will make the gardens look colourful throughout the year.

Bedding plants make an instant difference to a garden, and are very popular with the novice gardener rather than the use of seeds, at least a bedding plant is planted already with flowers and growth on and planted in a bed with other species looks spectacular.

Herb gardens are becoming very popular and many plants are not only used for cooking but medicinal purposes, such as Aloevera, which in ancient times, was used by nuns and monks to heal pain using extracts of this and other plants and of course Aloevera is still used today for skin treatments. A whole range of herbs are planted in kitchen gardens such as rosemary, parsley, sage, thyme, mint, bay and basil and are commonly used in cooking. A herb garden can be planted up with plug plants, which can be purchased in any good garden centre or nursery.

A well planted garden can be bountiful offering up fruit such as strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, apple, and pear, or vegetables in either raised beds or elevated containers, peas, beans, potatoes and carrots are very easily grown in compact areas and raised beds. If you do not have much space tomatoes, radish and lettuce are perfect as container plants.

A spokesman for Blooming Direct a nursery located on the island of Jersey said “we can supply the gardener with flowers, bulbs, trees and shrubs, and can give advice how to plant a garden that will give a constant display of blooms for all seasons, and as your garden matures it will be filled with blossoms from spring to autumn, go online and browse through our website we guarantee it will give you inspiration to make your garden an individual thing, furthermore we deliver FREE to the UK”.

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