The Gardens of South Carolina

The Gardens of South Carolina

Article by Janet Slagell

When one thinks of South Carolina tourism, it is not uncommon to think of beach locations like Hilton Head, Myrtle Beach and Surfside, or historic towns like Charleston. However, South Carolina is also home to several stunning flower gardens that have been cultivated and maintained for as many as 75 years. These gardens show a softer, delightfully fragrant side of South Carolina that you don’t want to miss.

Cypress Gardens (Berkley County)- This 163 acre area is home to azaleas, dogwoods, daffodils, lilies, iris and many more of the best horticulture has to offer. The Gardens contain 80 acres of swampland where you can take a boat ride and see a myriad of plant life all reflected in the tea colored-caused by the tannin-water. Along the way be on the lookout for alligators, herons and other animal life.Park Seed Company (Greenwood) – As one of America’s leading seed suppliers, this 9-acre garden spot offers a behind the scenes look as you meander its Trial Garden with over 2,000 plant varieties. You will also find container gardens, raised beds, a rose garden and the famed All American Selections. Peak season is from June to August.Brookgreen Gardens (Murrells Inlet) – No South Carolina garden tour would be complete without a day spent at these gorgeous gardens. You will find 10 garden areas, beautifully accented pools and fountains, a sculpture garden, daily programs, tours and more, all guaranteed to delight and inspire you-no matter how long you have been gardening.Glencairn Garden (Rock Hill) – If you love to stroll down flower-lined garden paths inhaling the sweet scents of nature then be sure Glencairn is on your garden itinerary. Although only 6 acres, these beautiful gardens host sweet smelling honeysuckle, wisteria, dianthus and more all set against a fairytale backdrop of shrubs and towering trees.The Kalmia Gardens of Coker College (Hartsville) – From the red, pink and white azaleas and laurels to camellias and majestic oaks, be sure you take some time to explore these beautiful ornamental gardens.South Carolina Botanical Garden (Clemson)-As one of the largest gardens in South Carolina, this 295 acre collection has nature-based garden sculptures, niche gardens, a 70 acre arboretum and numerous beautiful flowers, shrubs and trees. You will want to plan for at least a day touring this decadently gorgeous garden.

There are many other garden spots all across South Carolina, so take your time and “stop and smell the flowers.”

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