The Peace And Quiet Of A Beautiful Garden

The Peace And Quiet Of A Beautiful Garden

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The rose is the national flower of England, and a group of roses called ‘English Roses’ will do it for gardeners all over the UK, the sheer peace and quiet of a beautiful garden planted with tender loving care is a sight to behold.The English rose started appearing in the 1970’s they have fragrance, colour range and long repeating flowering performance that is unrivalled by any other roses and probably any other garden plants.

Roses like all types of other plants are available from nurseries and garden centres, and can be planted with a little tender loving care this summer, they will be winners, and grow into tiny trees, not as big as many garden shrubs and have a huge appeal for today’s gardens.

A variety of plants makes a garden interesting, some will give a better display than others, and if you want to add style and grace to a formal and informal garden then a standard bay stands tall and elegant. It is easy to grow and should it get overgrown and out of shape it can be cut back hard, furthermore the bay leaves can be used for cooking.

Another lovely plant is the standard fuchsias which will give a long lasting show for summer and autumn colour, but can look sad in winter and needs protection from hard frost in winter; they look stunning as container plants, placed on a front paved garden taking pride of place.

Many gardens boast wonderful climbing plants such as honeysuckle or wisteria, which can be trained as a small tree and look absolutely stunning when in flower they are highly scented this time of the year.

Most armature gardeners will go for easy to grow plants when first starting, such as using plenty of bedding plants to give beds a wonderful show, pansies, French marigolds, petunia, begonia and many more planted on mass in one colour or mixed, both ways look stunning.

Gardeners who have been planting up gardens for years will of course be more adventurous, growing a lot of their plants from garden seeds, and then planting out seedlings, they get terrific satisfaction from this and one can almost see them standing back and saying to themselves ‘all my own work’,

Small trees in a garden will transform it into a peaceful and quite beautiful place, whether your garden is large or small, formal or informal small trees, and shrubs can transform it in a few minutes, watch buds open on flowers and you will be reminded of the miracle of nature.

A spokesman for Blooming Direct located on the island of Jersey said “a beautiful garden is a sight to behold, and whether you plant shrubs, trees, annuals, or use plug plants to give your garden a ‘kick start’ a true gardener will get pleasure out of his or her garden, not only that the garden will give pleasure to the onlooker. We can offer our customers a brilliant online shopping experience and deliver straight to your door FREE, you will not be disappointed with our range of plants”.

Every gardener around the world wants to achieve a beautiful garden that will offer the peace, quiet and tranquillity away from the stress of today’s pace.

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