The Value of Vertical Gardening- Vertical Gardening Ideas….Tube Planters

The Value of Vertical Gardening- Vertical Gardening Ideas….Tube Planters

Article by Trevor Dalley

The one thing that will make or break your vertical gardening venture is the trellis system.

While free-standing systems provide flexibility in placement, they tend to collapse part way through the season from the weight of the maturing crops.

I was transformed into a lover and student of vertical gardening after seeing Patrick Blanc’s vertical wall designs years ago in a magazine.

I’ve written about vertical gardening on GGW over the past few years. Since then, the field has continued to grow at a quick pace.

The horticultural industry is focusing more and more on green roofs and vertical gardening, realizing that these two forms of gardening are not only environmentally beneficial but can help expand peoples’ horizons of how to create a garden when dealing with an unconventional space.

We can now save space when planting vines with vertical gardening. We can make use of trellises with commercial planters to grow vines while adding style to our garden.

Some trellises have special designs that makes it look like an accessory rather than a support for growing vines.

Whether you have small or large planters , trellises would definitely look good on them.

These large trellises can even act as privacy screens in your garden.

For those short on space, especially urban gardeners, vertical gardening has emerged as a solution to bring greenery into the city.

Bleak buildings and concrete courtyards can be brought to life.

Several inspirational demonstration gardens featured interesting vertical gardening displays in the 2009 San Francisco Flower and Garden show – specifically some really striking soil-free succulent wall hangings.

Sunset magazine did a nice article on these types of displays a while back.

The innovative San Francisco nursery and floral shop, Flora Grubb Gardens , do quite a lot with wall hangings built from wire cages filled with a damp sphagnum moss and soil mix and tucked full of little succulents.

They are lovely. Photo: An exterior green Succulent Wall and Green Roof display at the 2011 San Francisco Flower and Garden Show.

There are different types of gardening techniques that we can use. Vertical gardening is one of the techniques and is used when we haven’t much of space for gardening.

Vertical gardening is way of growing fruits and vegetables and to conserve space.

And change is washing through cities and minds. New trends include vertical gardening (“wonderful in terms of damping down sound and excluding harmful gases”), green roofs (“easier in countries with high precipitation”) and city gardens.

Consider the tiny balconies on Cape Town’s loft apartments “Terribly important places for entertaining guests and reflecting your taste and lifestyle, just like your interior does,” that according to Davidson are becoming gardens.

It’s another example of something that was someone else’s concern – usually a gardener – becoming something residents themselves are taking responsibility for. this Gardening All Year Round program you’ll discover a new approach to Gardening which will revolutionize how to employ Gardening Projects.

This unique material is truly one of a kind. No longer will you be bogged down learning the very same things time after time.

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