Tin Sau Garden

Tin Sau Garden

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Garden West, Xidan Market, yellow pavilion, four General Staff, Summer Garden, Garden East, the North Taipingzhuang Road, Madian Nishimura, Zhixin, Magnolia Park. Xisanqi Qinghe district offices in Building 30, East Lane area of??8.7 square kilometers, population 68,600. Zi code 100085. over 29 communities: Tung in the first, second in the East, West First, Second West ing Tai, Chong, Metropolis, Win Tai Park first, before the Tuen, clear margin, the Boom, the building materials West, East, building materials, the tire plant, machinery University, Green Wave Park, 9511 factories, Yue Xiu Park, the spring home Qin, Metallurgical Research Institute, Tai North, EPRI, drug approval, Beijing New Building Materials Group, Park Phase II, New Education North, Education New District, serile new South, Building Materials City, a small business. Malian Wa Street offices in Malian Wa Juyuan district, an area of??5.5 square kilometers, population 34,400. Zp code 100094. over 15 communities: Xiaojiahe, Plum, Juyuan, 61,886 troops, Chuk Yuen, Agricultural University, East Xin Yuan, agricultural, Tin Sau Garden, 63,919 troops, orchid garden, Shue Estate, Water Corps, No. 1 Hospital Road, Baicao Park. Tin Road, a street in the district offices in Yu Haiyuan 19, an area of??13 square kilometers, population 56,700. Z ce 100094. Zp code 100085. p 100091. Zp e 100095. 100094. Zip100094. e 100095. over 34. 35 c. over 27 com. Jur ov 12 comm. 16 commes. 7 comms jurition. Jurtion over 18 commes. Jurion over 35 comm. Jurisdon over 28 cnities. Jction three comms. Juriction over 14. No vilges. Household population of 24,102 people. Dongsheng area of??8 square kilometers area. Jurisdiction over 10 adminiive villages. Jurision over 8, a house cee. 7 administ villages jurction, a neighborhood. nine villages, six neighborhood and a house comee. Juriion over 20. 4 jurtion, a neighborhood. Household population of 191.8 million people in the end.For taking tours of Beijing and China, please check great wall toursfor details.

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