Tips for Starting a Vegetable Garden

Tips for Starting a Vegetable Garden

Article by Shelly Bray

Growing your own garden is something that every grown up should do at least once. Many people find a lot of happiness in caring for and growing a garden. Even if this is the first time you have ever started your own garden growing a few basic plants should be pretty easy. With the plethora of information that is available to budding gardeners these days there is no reason that you shouldn’t have a successful garden when you are a beginner. Obviously gardening isn’t easy. Oftentimes it involves a lot of work! Here are some great hints for new gardeners who want to start their own gardeners.

Look around your space–be as critical as you can! If your space is limited and you don’t have enough room outdoors for any sort of garden you will be limited to the types of plants you can easily grow inside until you move to somewhere more accommodating. If your home does have a yard you will need to figure out how much of that yard you are going to set aside for your new garden. The space that is available will help you figure out just what you can grow and how extensive your garden will be. A garden grown indoors, for example, probably won’t be a good place for growing vine plants, vegetables or fruits. Most gardening is simply following a regular schedule. As time goes on you will get into a schedule and just know instinctively how to take care of your garden every day. You will learn how to check for signs of dry out, when to add nutrients and when to put out new compost in your garden (as well as how often you should do your weeding). Let yourself develop a routine and then stick to it. The reason many new gardeners accidentally kill their gardens is because they get bored and they either stop caring about or they don’t realize just how much work needs to be done to keep their gardens alive.

Begin slowly. You probably envision having an entire yard that is full of plants that are blooming. If have not ever started a garden of your very own before, it is a good idea to start small. This way you won’t have to worry about putting in a whole bunch of effort into something that might turn out to not interest you very much. You need patience, commitment and time if you want to be a gardener. After all, you wouldn’t agree to marry a person if you haven’t ever gone on a date with them would you? Why dedicate your whole yard to a vegetable garden if you haven’t ever even sprouted a lima bean before?

Starting a garden of your very own is very exciting! You might even be starting to imagine what the garden will look like when everything has started blooming. Obviously before you get there you’ll need to do some work. You need to take careful steps to make sure that your garden thrives! To make sure that the garden you’ve been daydreaming about becomes a reality you will want to make sure to do your prep work, keep up with your gardening maintenance, follow gardening trends and taking gardening advice will help make sure that happens.

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