To Be a Green Finger of Your Garden

To Be a Green Finger of Your Garden

Article by Celia Ye

We always envy someone who has his/her own garden. That means you can make own decision of this private land like which flowers to plant, which color to use and which style to present. Well gardening is awesome and so does the gardener who put a lot of time and energy in the garden.

Gardening is not a easy job, if you want to be an successful green finger, you have to spend much time on learning the knowledge of plants and about how to be an good gardener. It is not a thing that can be achieved in a short time. Generally, when we talk about the gardener, the first image appear mostly a middle aged man or women, who spends time in garden manicuring leaves and examining every tree. They are the person with full patience.

Then how to be a good green finger? Are there any requirements? Most people consider the starting of the gardening is easy, just plant something and look after them. Actually, it is not true. One of the most important factor that a gardener should have is the planning ability. You should know clearly which results do you want before you start making it and need to think over all potential difficulties that may happen. The other requirement is the good passion for this work. The garden we see is always beautiful and amazing, while we do not see gardeners’ hard working behind those glamour flowers. For example, the gardeners have to wait for the arrival ofspring so as he/she could sow seeds, and also in summer, they do weeding under the hot weather. It is really a hard work and require great patience. What’s more, as a good green finger, the working tools in their hands, so you need find good tools to help you.

Finally, no matter which size of the garden you owned. Though it is the smallest, you can change it to the most beautiful one by hard work. Gardening is not a homework, it is the part of our life.

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