Top 10 Gardening Gifts – Perfect for Every Gardener

Top 10 Gardening Gifts – Perfect for Every Gardener

Article by Dane Skort

Looking for a gift to give the gardener in your life? Sometimes inspiration is hard to come by especially when a Birthday or Special Occasion seems to be looming just around the corner. Don’t worry though; you’ve come to the right place, here’s a list of ten inexpensive gardening gifts that every gardener will be delighted to receive.

Aluminium Garden Tool Set

Normally comprising of a trowel, transplanter and a cultivator (that’s the little fork shaped one), a quality garden tool set is indispensable. Useful for all sorts of gardening issues, aluminium sets are simply the best because they’re strong and don’t rust. A good tip is to try and buy a sharp edged trowel, it makes gardening just that little bit easier.

Thick Garden Kneeler

When you’re talking garden kneelers, thicker is always better, especially when they’re padded and soft. You see the amount of time you spend in the garden on your knees can have a cumulative effect on your joints, leading to aches, pains and even arthritis, so make life easier and get a kneeler.


Every gardener needs a good pruner, preferably one that doesn’t give you blisters after a hard days work. So look for comfortable and contoured handles and also sharp blades. (Remember to look after your fingers). If you want to spend a little extra for the gardener with a weaker hand, then think about ‘geared’ pruners that assist your grip.

Spiked Aerator Shoes

Lawns need to be aerated and the simplest way is to strap on a pair of aerator shoes and go for a little walk. Even the lightest adults body weight, will press the spikes into hardened earth and dense turf, allowing air and moisture not to mention fertiliser to soak into the roots of their lawn.

Reinforced Gloves

Essential for every gardener is a solid pair of gardening gloves, Buy a pair that’s sturdy enough to repel thorns and brambles but make sure they’re also pliable so some dexterity is left in your fingers. Always wear a reinforced pair of gloves when you’re pruning otherwise you could be paying an unexpected visit to your local hospital.

Rake with Spring-Back Tines

A good rake can save you hours of work in the garden especially if the tines are the spring back variety. Why? Well if you need to clean up a border where bedding plants are growing you could be there for hours on your hands and knees. But a spring back tine rake allows you to rake straight over the plants.

Leaf Scoops

To the casual observer leaf scoops look like dustbin lids, but in the right pair of hands they’re an effective weapon on the autumnal scourge of every garden; leaves. With a leaf scoop you can now pick up giant mounds of leaves instead of just a handful at a time, you’ll be surprised at how effective they are.

Gardening Container

A concertina type gardening container is always a welcome addition to any garden shed. Easy to hang up and store flat, but so useful for carrying weeds and rubbish around the garden.

Tree Watering Tube

These tubes are normally sold by their brand name but all they basically are is a horseshoe shape container that fits around the trunk of your newly planted tree or shrub. The clever thing about the device is, it releases water at a given rate so the tree/shrub has the best possible chance of surviving the initial shock of planting. Ingenious and ecologically sound too.


O.K. I know a garden gnome isn’t everyone’s idea of gardening sophistication, but they’re fun and friendly and gardening is all about bringing happiness into your life. So go on embrace a gnome and bring a smile to your gardener’s garden.

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