Types Of Garden Tools

Types Of Garden Tools

There are varieties of garden tools (hand and power operated) available in the market. Some of the common types of tools used for gardening include hand tools, power tools, cutting tools, pruning tools, wheelbarrows, watering tools etc.

Hand tool is the most common type of garden tools used by majority of people. Such tools are designed or manufactured for small gardens. Some of the common hand tools are spade, garden rake, hoe, garden fork and trowel. Furthermore, hand tools are categorized in long handled tools and short handled tools. Long-handled tools usually offer greater leverage and reach and allow working from a standing position. Such tools come with a straight handle or a D-shaped hand grip on the end. Short-handled tools are lighter in weight, usually less expensive, more compact than the long-handled tools.

Common short-handled tools include hand pruners and clippers, hoes, garden trowels, and cultivators. Such tools allow one to work efficiently in confined spaces or small gardens.

On the other hand, power tools are also available for the purpose of gardening. People also use power tools for landscaping and growing various vegetables. The most common power tool required by the people is tiller or rotary tiller. Such power tools are used for bigger gardens. Before using power tools, one should read and follow all use and safety instructions properly. Always try to keep them in good working condition and make sure to keep children and pets away from these tools when in use. You may also need pruning or cutting tools especially if a garden is large and have various types of plants that require pruning at regular intervals. Selection of any garden tools depends upon garden area and the types of grass, flowers, vegetables or other items grown in the garden.

A garden tools is used for gardening, agriculture and horticulture. The tool size and requirement of a particular tool depend on the size of your garden and other physical conditions of the garden such as soil conditions, strength required to plough your garden, the plants or grass you prefer to grow in your garden etc. All these equipments are available in varying sizes and depending on the requirement. Try to select tools that not only fit the task, but also feel good in your hands. You may be using these tools for a long time, and a tool that feels good will make your gardening experience more enjoyable.

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