Urban Square Foot Gardening Brings the Country to the City

Urban Square Foot Gardening Brings the Country to the City

Article by Nelson Goodman

When most people think of gardening they conjure up images of country sides or suburban homes with large yards. This can be disheartening for those who live in urban areas who do not have yards in which to plant beautiful flowers and vegetables. Having such gardens is now within reach to those in urban area. This is through urban square foot gardening kits offered by Green Diamond Gardens. This kits open up gardening possibilities which are only limited to ones creativity.

Square foot gardening kits make urban square foot gardening possible because of their size and the versatility they provide in where they can be places. A square foot garden kit can be assembles and places on most balconies. These are made in a 4×4 foot design which can also be placed on top of a table or even indoors in necessary. These design features also make these kits ideal for gardening for those who use wheel chairs or have limited physical access.

There are many issues of gardening which those who are looking to do urban square foot gardening may not be fully knowledgeable about. One of those is the watering of the plants they are going to grow. Using a Green Diamond Gardens square foot gardening can eliminate the need to become an expert in how much and often to water a garden. This is because they offer a feature called a drip irrigation system to be used with the kit. These systems water plants with the right amount of water at all times to keep them healthy and thriving.

Any garden placed outdoors, even on a balcony needs protection from the elements, animals, and birds which can destroy a garden. Protecting a traditional garden from these problems can involve a great deal of cost and effort installing protective items. An urban square foot garden does not require any of this type of money and time consuming efforts. Green Diamond Gardens square foot garden kits offer additional features such all weather covers and guards to keep animals and birds out. These covers and guards are easy to both install and use.

One if the best benefits of urban square foot gardening is having the ability to organically grow vegetables. Organic vegetables are better for one’s health and organically grown produce is better for the environment than their counterparts grown with the use of chemicals and pesticides. Growing organic produce does just offer health and environmental benefits, it also offers financial benefits. This is because organic produce grown at home is a cheaper option then purchasing it from a store.

Flowers offer a beautiful aesthetic element to any place where they are grown. Growing plants and flowers in a garden offers both physical and health benefits. All of this can be obtained through urban square foot gardening. A square foot gardening kit used in an urban environment can bring one of the most beautiful elements of the countryside to a concrete jungle for all to enjoy.

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Nelson Goodman is an avid urban gardener and long time user of an Urban Square Foot Garden Kit for his Container Gardening applications both indoor and outdoor.

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