Vertical Gardening – How to Grow Vertically

Vertical Gardening – How to Grow Vertically

Article by Trevor Dalley

Important Reminder for Vertical Gardening: Read your seed packet!

The best types of watermelon plants are sugar baby or ice box varieties since they don’t grow to be too big or too heavy.

Cucumbers, watermelon and pumpkins are all susceptible to wilt which can kill the plant before fully fruiting.

Read your seed packets carefully, some seed farms have developed strains that are disease resistant.

Container Gardening and Vertical Gardening tips and techniques.

Learn how to maximize your gardening efforts in a minimum amount of space. An invaluable resource for the small space gardener.

This article provides ideas on vertical gardening for small and large spaces.

It advises gardeners to choose plants for vertical gardening.

It suggests soilless living walls as preferred indoor installations for gardening.

The article suggests the planting of smaller varieties of ferns and coral… design wire.

There was an extensive feature on vertical gardening in Singapore in the Straits Times Life! section yesterday.

Vertical gardening is something that most Singaporeans can easily perceive since decades ago, our dwellings have gone skywards to make the best use of limited land in our island state.

If you want some of the benefits of vertical gardening with less construction work there are more traditional methods of smothering a wall in blooms.

A simple wire framework or trellis can be used to train a climber against your house, garden wall or fence.

For all year interest use an evergreen favourite such as ivy and intersperse with flowering climbers such as jasmine, honeysuckle or clematis.

Alternatively create interest at eye level by mounting planters on your wall to fill with trailing flowers.

A new type of urban organic farming — vertical gardening — is being developed by Alejandro Socorro at Cienfuegos University.

A simple form of technology using PCV pipes, or even recycled black plastic, with soil and a water delivery system, allows leafy crops to be grown in small spaces such as balconies and roof-tops.

Socorro estimates vertical gardening could increase the crop surface area in Cuba by four and a half times. Most of the available land in cities has already been claimed by urban agriculture, so vertical agriculture may become very important as a way to increase production as land becomes more scarce.

Climbing plants are the first thing in vertical gardening — they help to melt the architecture of your home into your plot.

They soften unsightly features and create a super environment for wildlife.

A few years ago I became intrigued with vertical gardening, but every book I found seemed to be written for professionals about major installations.

I was looking for a `how-to’ written for the average gardener that wanted to try something different because whether we live on a huge hunk of land or an apartment with a balcony… we always have a vertical space that would look so much better with a bit of greenery.

“How to go about the process?” and “What materials could I use?” were my big our Gardening All Year Round program you can expect to learn a fresh approach to Gardening that will revolutionize how to apply Gardening Projects.

This material is undeniably one of a kind. No longer will you be bogged down discovering the same things again and again.

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