Vertical Vegetable Garden Suggestions

Vertical Vegetable Garden Suggestions

I’m going to tell you that using vertical space inside your garden area can produce a wonderful organic garden of any kind. We are going to go over a few vertical vegetable garden suggestions to grow your organic vegetables in small spaces. Urban gardeners use many strategies to grow their gardens and this is a great system

Vertical gardening uses wall planters, arbors attached to some walls, old palets, or trough planters fitted having a trellis to grow your plants. Think vertical, plants grow upwards so it’s natural and productive.

Vertical Vegetable Garden Fundamentals

Planning for a vertical garden begins like every other garden. Start by determining fundamental garden needs:

•Locate the site.
•Determine the sunshine exposure.
•Determine water access, drainage and watering tools needed.

Next, the urban garden enthusiast needs to make the decision on the kind of vertical container(s) that’ll be used.

Vertical vegetable garden ideas, can be found in garden centers that incorporate a planter made to grow a tomato plant while suspended from a hook, a trough type planter package which includes a self-watering reservoir system or perhaps a vertical hydroponic garden planter.

Vertical gardeners will discover many different ways for growing vegetables in small spaces. Other ideas include developing an espalier, the industry planting technique that enables a garden enthusiast to develop a fruit tree inside a narrow vertical space.

Or use a piece of chain-link fencing to aid climbing plants.

Vertical Wall Planters

An outdoor wall, constructed with 2 x 4’s, plastic-covered chicken wire, and black plastic, installed on a wall or built onto a free standing frame, is a superb vertical garden idea. Large trough formed planter boxes mounted on a wall make a great vertical garden, too. In most cases, plan the way the planters is going to be maintained after the summer season or taken apart for winter storage.

Planting A Vertical Vegetable Garden

Plants grown outdoors in vertical gardens may include flowers, natural herbs or wonderful organic vegetables. Plants that climb, trail, creep or ramble are candidates for any vertical garden. Avoid climbing plants that sucker onto a surface when the wall planter is near a brick surface.

Vegetable plants produced for small space gardening, that naturally trail or cling, work nicely but consider patio, grape or cherry tomatoes are great vegetables to grow. Herbal treatments that creep (think about thyme), or are sheared frequently (think chives or basil), are great options.

Flowering plants for example impatiens, moss roses, annual lobelia, sweet alyssum or sedum are only a couple of good examples of plants that complete mass making the planter seem like a colorful carpet. A butterfly garden, edible garden or perfumed garden can be created in a vertical garden simply by selecting the right plants.

Your vertical vegetable garden is much like any garden style, home gardeners and urban gardeners will attempt to grow many plants to determine what works well with them. Urban gardeners should keep track of achievements and failures throughout each garden season to improve on next years vertical vegetable garden.


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