Visiting Gardens in Cornwall

Visiting Gardens in Cornwall

Cornwall, the ‘garden capital’, has several lush gardens with colourful vegetation and exotic plants that are a must-see during your Newquay holidays. From gardeners to landscape artists and horticulturalists to day-trippers, Cornwall’s gardens have visual delights for everyone. The various gardens present a variety of styles such as woodland setups, well-manicured garden grounds, tropical plants and special coastal vegetations. Your stay at the Cornwall holiday cottages are guaranteed to be even more delightful with a trip to the luxuriant gardens of Cornwall.

Trevarno Gardens

Trevarno Garden is undoubtedly the most beautiful and unforgettable of all the gardens in Cornwall.

The Trevarno gardens have been declared as a World Heritage site and should not be missed. Make time during your Newquay holidays to pay a visit to this heritage site. The grounds have enough aspects to keep visitors of all ages enthralled. There are three museums; the National Museum of Gardening, a Toy Museum and a Soap Museum, a few real reindeer and a garden full of daffodils called the National Daffodil Collection Showgarden. The working estate has a section where herbal skincare products are manufactured. Take back loads of goodies to your Cornwall holiday cottages at the end of the trip to pamper yourself.

Bonython Estate Gardens

The Bonython Estate Gardens combine a distinctive blend of tropical plants and traditional horticultural vegetation. There is a manor house on the grounds, which has a dramatic sea facing facade and dates back to the 1780s.

The estate was taken over by South African owners in 1999 and then redone to give it the current design and layout. The wide variety of plants available at the Bonython Estate Gardens draws a lot of attention from visitors during their Newquay holidays. The majority of plants at this estate are of South African origin such as cannas and proteas that abound on one of the estate lakes and bring in a profusion of colours during the months of August and September. The sheer diversity of plant species at the Bonython Estate Gardens is sure to entice vacationers staying at one of the Cornwall holiday cottages into stepping on the estate grounds.

Caerhays Castle Gardens

The Caerhays Castle gardens combine history and beauty within a unique setting. The gardens are informal with the woodland area looking out to the sea. The entire garden area extends to more than 120 acres and was originally built by Chinese plant hunters. Consequently, a lot of Chinese plants can be seen here. The Caerhays Castle Gardens are best known for their Asiatic magnolias, which are in bloom during March and April. Caerhays also hosts the magnolia show called Plant Heritage National collection, which showcases more than 500 varieties of magnolias. Bring in a touch of the orient during your Newquay holidays with a trip to the Caerhays Castle gardens from your Cornwall holiday cottages. You can visit these gardens during your Newquay holidays. Since most of these gardens are located at convenient distances from the Cornwall holiday cottages, these gardens are easy to access during your Cornwall sojourn.

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