Water Gardening – Riding The Wave

Water Gardening – Riding The Wave

There are plenty of possible reasons why the water garden has become such a popular landscaping feature in recent years, and different garden design professionals have different theories as to why this gardening style with strong classical roots has suddenly caught on. One of the most widely accepted theories for the explosion in water garden popularity has to do with the fact that life outside the home is getting more and more hectic. In a world where cell phones and laptops keep us constantly on the communications grid, it can be difficult to escape from the pressures of work. A water garden provides the ultimate contrast to the frenzied pace of modern living, and it makes home an oasis where it is possible to get away from the demands of the rest of the world.

Another reason why water gardens are so trendy with today’s homeowners and landscape designers has to do with consumers’ increasing desire for eco-friendly gardens. As information about conservation becomes more readily available by the minute, today’s gardeners are searching for ways to transform their backyards into personal oases without wasting precious water or polluting the earth with harmful pesticides. A water garden is an extremely eco-conscious landscaping feature. Water circulates through the garden, requiring only an occasional extra splash from the hose to counteract the effects of evaporation. This makes a water garden a much more earth friendly choice than a lawn that soaks up gallon after gallon every week. Every water garden is its own complete, self-sustaining ecosystem that has its own natural pest control features in the form of fish, birds, and frogs. In addition to the fact that a water garden is self sustaining, its plants and water actually help to purify the air in your yard.

A water garden is often created as part of public city gardens, or planned as an eye-catching feature for a community area like a schoolyard. One realm in which the water garden is really catching on is as a staple of peace gardens, which are meant to provide tranquility and an atmosphere conducive to contemplation of the deeper things in life. Public peace gardens that utilize water have been built in locations ranging from San Francisco, California, to Rockford, Illinois, and even all the way across the ocean in the city of Sheffield in the United Kingdom.

By creating a water garden, you can savor the benefits of this trend that design professionals are spreading across the globe in the comfort of your very own backyard. A water garden has a very positive environmental impact, which means that the worldwide water garden trend is great news for mother nature. Indeed, the popularity of water gardens is as great for the planet as it is for the lucky homeowners who have been able to create their own little slices of heaven on earth.

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