Why Rattan garden furniture

Why Rattan garden furniture

So what are these advantages that are causing people to move over to rattan furniture from other types of garden furniture and what is this thing called Rattan is a material from the tropical world. Its advantages for furniture making are that it is moldable into virtually any design. It is also hard wearing and durable. These three factors make is perfect for outdoor furniture making it the intelligent choice for manufacturers and consumers of garden furniture.

So why does rattan survive so well in the outdoor elements? Because Ratttan is forged and formed in the tropics, a tough climate, it is consequently a tough material. Therefore Rattan furniture is tough garden furniture. It can surive easily in the elements, a harsh winter or a scorching summer.

A wet season or a dry one. It wont swell and it wont crack.

There are so many different styles of design due to the flexible nature of the building material. Furniture creators who are interested in producing quality have learnt that Rattan furniture does not damage in the same way as some other materials.

Other reasons rattan furniture is the increasingly popular for gardens is that it is light and therefore practical. It is perfect for the demands of garden furniture which often needs to be moved around due parties and people dropping round. People sometimes forget that compared with other types of furniture such as armchairs and sofas garden furniture needs to be mobile. If you invest in heavy wooden outdoor furniture there are many downsides which aren’t immediately apparent.

Wood for instance is heavy and difficult to move , it rots, it can go mouldy.

Rattan furniture has none of these downsides.

Rattan is also available in other forms other than natural, its known as synthetic fibre and comes in such forms such as plastic rattan, polly rattan. Both have their advantages and disadvantages and often it comes down to the choice of the consumer.

Rattan garden rattan furniture be it chairs, tables, sofas has many winning factors that has caused its popularity to grow and grow over the last few years.

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