Wooden And Metal Arches For Your Garden

Wooden And Metal Arches For Your Garden

Article by Henry Alderstone

Whether bringing height to your garden or creating a striking focal point, a garden arch makes the perfect addition to almost any modern or traditional garden setting. Many gardeners use garden arches as gateways between the various parts of the garden, leading through into concealed features that surprise and delight the eye. Quite often a wooden garden arch is used to frame an adjacent garden or a nearby or distant view that captures the landscape beyond the garden. Of course it goes without saying that a metal garden arch is equally suitable; it’s really just a matter of taste and style. Often the key reason for choosing wooden garden arches is to create a basic structure upon which to grow a breathtaking display of climbing flowers, although those looking for appeal in all seasons may prefer the architectural charm of metal garden arches which form a charming tracery even on a frosty day.

Indeed metal garden arches, with their opulent oriental looks are often the first choice for the exotic display, although those seeking a more modern look will have no difficulty in finding a metal garden arch in a contemporary design that suits the urban chic home and the minimalistic style of planting. Wooden garden arches on the other hand tend to have a ‘natural’ appearance that many people find desirable although it should be remembered that a wooden garden arch may require extra maintenance such as applying wood treatments or other finishes over time. When considering how best to use garden arches, it pays to try and imagine how they will look in the real garden – not just a flat plan on paper – and you can create a reasonable impression of the position and effect of a garden arch by simply placing long garden canes in the intended location and seeing how these look from various angles.

One of the factors most frequently overlooked by people considering garden arches is the effect that strong seasonal winds can have on the structure – especially in the summer months when the plants are carrying their full burden of leaves and flowers. For this reason it’s very important to ensure that your garden arch is securely fixed and on a stable base so as to prevent excessive movement and consequent possible damage to plants and structure. This is true of both wooden garden arches and metal garden arches, although many find that a metal garden arch can be more effectively secured by setting it directly into a concrete base. Structures consisting of multiple arches tend to be more self-supporting by their very nature, but even a simple stand alone wooden garden arch can provide an effective framework for planting as long as sufficient care is taken in securing it to a suitable foundation. Before choosing though, try and visit gardens or garden centres to see how they look in actual displays because this can be a great help in visualizing how the finished effect might look in your own garden.

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