Wooden Garden Planters

Wooden Garden Planters

Wooden garden planters are a great way to spruce up your landscaping. Wooden garden planters are durable, inexpensive to make, and can be built to complement almost any existing landscape design. Wooden garden planters offer many benefits to the beginning gardener, the small hobby gardener, and the experienced garden enthusiast alike.

The Befits of Wooden Garden Planters

One of the biggest benefits of using wooden garden planters is that they are so versatile. Wooden garden planters can be constructed of almost any type of wood, can be built in any desired shape, and can be stained or painted to match any existing color scheme. They can be constructed out of the same materials as your existing deck or porch, or they can be built to introduce a whole new look into your landscaping. Should you change your mind later, or if you adopt a new color scheme, you can easily strip and repaint you wooden garden planters to any desired look.

Wooden garden planters are also much more durable than ceramic or plastic planters.

Wooden garden planter made out of treated and sealed lumber won’t rot, will help repel many types of insects, and will be able to take a lot of abuse. They can handle severe weather and won’t crack in extreme cold or heat. They will withstand the activities of rambunctious kids and pets. Wooden garden planters can take just about anything you throw at them and will last for decades.

Wooden garden planters also make gardening more convenient. They can be built to any height, so you can garden at a height that is comfortable to you. You don’t have to bend and stoop nearly as much to maintain wooden garden planters. In fact, you can do most of your gardening while comfortably sitting on the ledge of your wooden garden planters.

Tips for Building Wooden Garden Planters

Though building wooden planters isn’t very difficult, there is more to it than just slapping together a wooden square.

Your wooden garden planters should actually have a bottom made of wooden planks. The addition of a bottom section will protect your plants from garden pests such as moles and gophers that might dig up from the underside of your wooden planters.

The type of wood you use is important too. While any type of treated lumber will work, some woods offer additional benefits. If you want your wooden garden planters to last as long as possible, use a wood like redwood, cypress, teak or cedar, these woods resist rotting and will make a more durable wooden garden planter. Cedar offers the additional bonus of being a natural insect repellent.

No matter what type of wood you use, though, your wooden garden planters are sure to bring you years and years of use and enjoyment. Wooden garden planters make gardening easier, add value to your home, and help to protect your plants. Nothing simplifies gardening while improving landscape value as cheaply and effectively as wooden garden planters.


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