Wooden Garden Sheds – Not Just A Storage Facility

Wooden Garden Sheds – Not Just A Storage Facility

Article by Gavin Evans

Wooden garden sheds offer up a perfect blend of style features to complement any garden as well as a selection of great practical benefits. Many gardeners, both young and old, still opt for the timber variety over metal and plastic models to help maintain that natural rustic look in their back yards.

There is no mistaking why wooden sheds have become one of the traditional must haves of any household. Aside from the aesthetic beauty they add to the outside of a home, they also serve many purposes. Storage is the most obvious reason why homeowners erect garden sheds. Gardening equipment such as spades, rakes, a lawnmower and brushes are just an example of some of the most common items you might find in a garden shed. Other than that, the shed can also serve as a safekeeping place for furniture, equipment and extra materials that cannot be stored in the house.

So, a storage facility is the traditional purpose of a garden shed. However, nowadays people are finding more ways to make their wooden garden sheds useful aside from being just a place to keep garden equipment and domestic clutter. These days, garden sheds can come with a wide variety of features such as double glazing, shutters and even skylights. Walls are now made of board and batten sidings instead of the flimsier traditional plywood. Sheds are, unmistakably, becoming more an extension of the main house rather than just an outside storage structure.

With garden sheds now being built with more than just four walls and a sloping roof, they are becoming comfortable enough to provide personal space and relaxation to homeowners who crave some private time. Individuals who enjoy hobbies in their time away from work can enjoy them in peace in this garden getaway. Artists can use this area to paint, children can use it as a play area and individuals who work from home can use it as a garden office. It can also serve as a workspace for parents and even children who are engaged in crafts and other hobbies. Garden sheds are also being used as offices for people who work from home.

Contrary to what some people think, garden sheds made from wood are not a hassle to maintain. As a matter of fact, they are actually very hard wearing and demand little on-going maintenance; probably just a once yearly coat of wood preserver is all your garden shed will require. Ready-made wooden garden sheds are available in many home improvement and gardening supply stores. They come in all shapes, sizes and colours. Some are built using special timber applied with chemical preservatives to prevent rotting. Many gardening stores now give customers the option of ordering their garden shed via the internet from the comfort of their own homes making the buying experience so much simpler and less stressful.

For gardening fanatics, many DIY kits giving a step by step guide for constructing garden sheds can be found in most good garden centres. Two important things to consider are choosing a sensible, flat location upon which to build your shed and choosing the materials wisely for the construction. Sometimes, city or state regulations will require you to obtain a building permit for the garden shed, so it is still best to consult with the local authorities before attempting to put one up. Other than that, the only requirement to build a sturdy and stylish garden shed is some patience and a bit of ingenuity.

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