3 Gift Ideas For Gardeners

3 Gift Ideas For Gardeners

If a special someone in your life loves gardening, you’ve probably tried to think of some great gift ideas that would be welcomed and compliment their love of gardening too, right? Well here are three ideas for you to start with:

1. Live plants, trees and bushes – Many people think first of buying flowers for mom on mother’s day or her birthday, but if she really loves gardening then a much better gift idea for her is a live plant. Now which kind of plant you buy as a gift will depend on which type of gardening she likes.

Flower garden lovers will adore flowering plants as gifts. Indoor plant lovers will of course prefer a potted plant made to sit or hang inside. Maybe your gift is for someone who loves vegetable gardening? Then buy them some vegetable plants or fruit trees as a gift.

2. Gardening Books – Again, the kind of book you buy as a gift for your gardener should be related to the type of gardening they like best. And the best garden books to buy for gift giving are those with lots of pictures.

Pictures are especially welcomed gift ideas for new or beginning gardeners too. Since they aren’t familiar with all of the various plants, trees, vines and so on yet… having gardening books that show them what’s what will be a treasured gift they keep for years to come.

3. Gardening Supplies & Tools – Regardless of the kind of gardening they do, tools and supplies are always an excellent gift idea for garden lovers. If they do most of their gardening outside, your gift giving is made easier, because you can buy all sorts of things for them. Wheelbarrows, hedge clippers, little plant markers and even yard and garden decorations are all excellent ideas for gifts.

For indoor gardeners, try giving them gifts such as unusual planters, plant pots and containers, or plant hangers that match their decor.

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