3 Simple Gardening Tips

3 Simple Gardening Tips

Article by Steinharter Bierly

One of the largest misconceptions about planting a garden is that it will take too much time out of your day. Taking care of your garden begins with a simple plan of action that includes choosing the type of garden you will have, as well as scheduling its maintenance into your weekly schedule. Most people that have difficulty tending to their garden usually choose the wrong plants or design the garden in an improper way. Most of the time, a garden will do very well on its own without too much intervention on your part, however this requires a little bit of preparatory consideration. Here are some effective gardening tips to help you create your ideal garden.

One of the main time saving tricks you can use is to apply mulch to the beds of your garden. A lot of gardeners don’t do this because they don’t realize the benefits of mulching. Mulch can be excellent for protecting delicate roots and keeping weed growth down. Mulch is also ideal for retaining water, which keeps the soil around your plants moist and stops them from drying out so quickly. Mulch will also save you money if you make sure you buy one that nourishes your baby plants. You will save the cost of buying those chemical-based fertilizers that are not cheap. Mulch, as a rule, is a combination of wood chips, leaf mulch, and/or tree bark that has been chopped into small pieces. While it’s common to find a wide variety of mulches at nurseries and garden centers, it’s something that is really easy for you to make at home. One thing that a gardener should never forget to do is to water your garden properly. People that reside in areas of the world where rain is abundant will not have to be concerned with this issue. Typically, turn the summer months when it is much more warm, will your garden need water to grow. You also need to consider the system you use to water your garden, especially if it needs to be done at least every other day. Probably the best way to do this is setup a sprinkler system that is on a timer so that you can set it and forget it as you grow your garden.

All gardeners face the issue of choosing the right plants at some point. Each garden will be different, but you need to know what you are planting so you can plan accordingly because the needs of each plant will not be the same. Rather than trying to pick various flowers or shrubs, consider the idea of ‘edible landscaping’. By planting in this manner, you are improving your landscape and also the food that you eat a dinner time. It is actually very easy to grow your food and satisfying to eat it as well. It is certainly a good feeling to know that you can add color to your landscaping by adding a variety of vegetables that are healthy to eat.

Creating a lovely garden doesn’t need to take too much time or work if you plan it the right way. Crop rotations, adding fertilizer, and mixing in compost are three tips that you should follow and utilize every year that you plant a garden. These tips should help you plant an astounding garden that will impress friends and family and provide great returns.

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