5 tips to pick the best Outdoor Garden Furniture

5 tips to pick the best Outdoor Garden Furniture

Article by Harry Joshua

Your beautifully landscaped garden or well tended conservatory is an extension of your home and furnishing it well will enable you to truly appreciate its beauty. Here are 5 tips to help you pick out the best garden furniture and conservatory furniture:

1.Set a budget:

Outdoor furniture can cost anywhere between a few hundred to thousands of dollars. To make the most effective purchase, set a budget before you open a furniture catalog.

2.Decide the purpose of your garden furniture:

If you expect to entertain a lot of guests, you may need to set up a dining set complete with a table and chairs.

Conversely, if your garden is going to be used chiefly as a place to unwind on your own, a Swing hammock set up at special ‘thought-spots’ may serve the purpose.

If you are the kind who hosts parties often, a party gazebo or a party tent would be a great investment and an excellent style statement.

Sunbed cushions and deck chairs are ideal to soak up the sun while wicker garden furniture is perfect for an outdoor family room setting.

Whatever be your needs, decide the main utility of your garden before you visit a home improvement store.

3.Decide where your furniture will be placed:

Assess the terrain of your garden. If it is uneven, you should go in for furniture that stands firm. You may also want lighter furniture for softer spots.

Also, if your garden is prone to a lot of sunlight, investing in a good, fade-resistant parasol should be a priority.

Then again, if your garden is very close to your home, the styling of the two should complement. You may experiment with a radically different design or a themed garden if it is at a distance from the main homestead.

4.Take measurements:

Using a simple measure tape and chalk to draw the dimensions of the furniture pieces in your outdoor area should help you to visualize if you are making optimum use of your garden without cramming it up. For instance, wooden garden benches placed in a corner may not give a great effect to your garden, as opposed to one which placed along the Garden Walls. Understand the placement and dimension of your furniture before choosing your material.

5.Select the style and material:

Finally, narrow down on the style and material of your preferred garden furniture. Typically, outdoor pieces are simpler and more weather-resistant than indoor ones. However, this does not limit the range of material and styling you can choose from.

Teak is the most popular in terms of eco-friendliness, aesthetic value and durability. Wrought-iron adds a touch of panache and old world charm while aluminum is a lighter and more portable metal alternative. When purchasing wicker garden furniture, a smooth feel and a tight, uniform pattern are essential. For informal dos, plastic is the most inexpensive, portable and stackable option while resin is best suited if your garden is moist or is adjacent to a water body.

Consider these points and get ready to create your own dream garden!

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